Chestnut Tree

leaf study

Painted the chestnut tree that’s outside on my yard. I love all that lovely, lush green. Spent so many days in my childhood climbing chestnut trees and building tree houses. They really ar the perfect climbing trees.

Right now I’m painting and drawing only the things I like. Things and objects that mean something to me, that makes me happy. Because I can. Follow me on Facebook for more art and updates : )

Brand New Channels For My Art

sunset 02 2016

Laying in bed with a sore throat and some fever, but since I’m the WORST at just doing nothin’ I couldn’t help myself but to create a small project. So, I’ve now split up all the stuff I post online. If you followed me before you know I post all kinds of stuff on my twitter and insta. This is changing now, since I want to make it easier for the people who follow me to see some art in their feeds. Starting from today, I’ll move all my art postings into new, dedicated channels. This is more or less the standard for artists. I mean, you follow some people for fashion, some channels for cooking and others for videos about very specific things, like science shows or computer tutorials. I don’t think that anyone’s interested in everything going on in my life LOL. So, if you want to get some of my art into your feeds, these are the new accounts:

I’ll continue to cross post a few days to make you guys aware of the changes, so sorry for any spam during the following days, I hope you bare with me. This page here will still me my main blog where I can write more lengthy posts about various topics. I this change makes sense to you : ) Huge thanks for following and supporting! Now, back to bed and watching Stranger Things on Netflix < 3

Desert Sunset

sunset 2016

Painted a sunset tonight. I used some reference photos of beautiful sunsets to really see and catch what it looks like when the sun sets and the night comes. Haven’t been drawing for a while, just swapped with work lately, and then my Photoshop broke down. But here it is, first painting in a while. Spent roughly 1,5 hours on this and had fun : D I hope you enjoy!