Rovio Party Comin’ Up!

Creating my own business cards. My old ones say I still work at Junebud.

The result! This is just an experiment. I wouldn’t feel comfortable at ta mingle party without at least some kind of cards. Got precious 22 of them now!

On another note, tried to clean my key board yesterday. Big mistake…but I guess it’s OK, I wasn’t using that key that much anyway…

Tomorrow I’ll be traveling to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I’m looking forward to plenty of nice cups of coffee/tea with interesting people, lunches and seeing some old friends again. But my main reason for the trip is to visit my family in Finland, and as it happens to be, Stockholm is the gateway for ferries Finland!

Autumn is just around the corner, the sun sets earlier each night, the shadows are becoming cold and you can smell the soil and wet leafs on the ground. Went for a swim in the ocean this Monday, maybe one of the last ones this year. The water was around 16 degrees Celsius, lovely! See you at the Rovio game beer tomorrow in Stockholm?

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