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My Life

Here’s some pics from my life.

My collection of bones and skeletons, all dead when I found them : )

Shells from all around the globe, mostly from France and Egypt

A wall painting I did after returning from a diving trip to Egypt, 10 years ago. Thank you dad for letting me paint on my walls <3



Aspiring Game Developers

This week me and my boss Ola went to the “Meet & Greet” event with aspiring game developers studying computer game development, at The Game Assembly school. As a final course of the school the students complete a 7 months internship on a game company.

We were hoping to spread the word about our company and get some 3D artist and programmers as interns. It was a pleasant surprise that so many of the students remembered the metrics focused lecture I gave at Swedish Game Awards: South conference, a couple of weeks ago.Even some of the other professional game developers attenting the “M&G” came up to say “hi” and wanted to talk about the lecture.

This year the competition for skilled interns was fierce, companies like DICE, Easy, Massive, IO and other big fishes also wanted to get hold of some fresh students.

After meeting with the students we all headed for the pub and some beers. I spent my night mostly talking to an old friend who now is the studio manager at Paradox South. Anyways, I already got some CV:s in my in-box from the students, let’s hope we are able to offer some internships for them after the summer!

Me and Ola pitching our studio for the game dev students. Picture by The Game Assembly.

Ola showing our new, upcoming game Tuff Tanks for a student

Just Another Week At Work

Had a super after work yesterday. We went to a small pub near the office, took a few beers and shared stories. It was nice to see everyone again after the Easter vacations! Here’s some pictures from this week at the office!

Our poor office octopus hanging on the fridge

Wohoo! We got the cutest co-worker ever! She will stay with us for a couple of weeks :D

I just love these tea packages to much to throw them away when I’m done. They look so stylish!

After work fun on Friday xD


My Home Town

Went to Finland this Easter. In other words I went Home. With a big “H”.

Sometimes I forget I actually moved abroad 4,5 years ago to study and work. Sweden and Finland are kinda the same, except for some fun cultural stuff and the language.

Anyways, until I got my my pictures from the Easter vacation in Finland, here’s some photos from last time I went Home. The pictures are taken by my dear friend Julia. Click here to visit her blog. She is drawing all her blog pictures using paint!

A walk by the sea. I love being in the nature!

There's a lot f wildlife where I come from xD

We found a field full of sun flowers, late fall of 2011

Cut My Eyes?

Right now I’m researching options for eye operations. I have had glasses for about 12 years, and I think it’s finally time to get rid of them. It’s always such a hassle dealing with contacts when I go swiming, diving or when I want to put on some make-up. My eyelashes are so long I can’t use mascara and glasses at the same time, they scratch my glasses and leave black marks.

This is a big thing for me, if something goes wrong I might end up blind. Chances are extremely low, and honestly I’m a bit concerned about having a laser cutting in my eyes. I’ve saved enough money to do this, and in the long run this will be less expensive than buying new glasses and contacts all the time.

Without glasses

Glasses off


Glasses on



Things That Makes Me Happy 1

Things that makes me happy:

  • Laying on the sofa, watching the branches move when it’s windy.
  • Spending time with my friends and family.
  • Walking home really really early in the morning, it’s spring and the common blackbird sings and seagulls screams high in the dying night sky
  • Long discussions and hot cups of tea in the middle of the night. When you talk to someone who makes you feel like you share the same brain, and everything is possible.
  • Watching the ocean or swimming in it.
  • Late, unexpected nights out with my friends in clubs, dancing and the DJ plays one of my favorite songs!
  • Warm towels straight from the clothes dryer.
  • Finding a really cool bug in my backyard (been trying to find a mantis for ages now!)
  • Watching a good movie and get completely immersed in the story, forgetting I’m just an observer.
  • When diving under water, that feeling when I take a deep breath, put my feet against a rock and just push myself away, down in the depths to see what treasures I can find.

Tired, but had so much fun with my friends last Friday!

Love Is The Answer

True friends makes you proud of yourself, and at the same time humble for letting them spend time with someone as awesome as them! I love my friends so much. They bring adventures, comfort and challenges. No words can describe how happy I am to be a part of their lives < 3 It’s good to be back in my home town and see all the girls again!

< 3

<3 Barcelona 2009



It’s always a bit wierd to be back where it all started, in my hometown. You see the place where you went to school, you meet ppl in the night club you should recognize, but everyone got a bit older since the last time. Someone you knew back in elementary school just got kids. It’s cool to back in this small town where nature is just around the corner, and the ocean surrounds you.


A Package Of Eagles!

This week I joined the Tuff Tanks project at work. Tuff Tanks is our newest game, to be published for iPad, if you want to see the trailer, click here. This means I’m now involved in two games. Exciting but challenging at the same time! We are making Tuff Tanks together with Aeria Games, and the game will launch this spring.

Anyways, here’s some selected photos of what’s been going on at work for the past two weeks!

Our awesome concept guy has been making concepts for a new enemy to roam the world of MilMo. Nothing is decided yet, but things are looking good!

Some colored concepts of the new enemy. This is still work in progress and stuff will change.

Made this and put it in the office kitchen. It's not my original idea, but I like it so much I want to pass it on!

Our CEO Ola got us a box of eagles this week. Sweet!


Game Developer Beer & Cool Spider

Easter is closing in. I’m going to Finland in order to meet with my family, which is nice. I wish it didn’t take me 12 hours to travel from Malmö to Finland…Last time I went home was this fall, about 5 months ago. That’s not OK. Family and friends are what matters the most in my life, I should be better at prioritizing them. Last time I went home I held a lecture at my old school about what’s it like to study game development. Hopefully I inspired someone to take the chance!

Here’s some pictures from my phone, from the last 2 weeks. I went to Swedish Game Awards: South in order to hold a lecture about metrics and how metrics guided game design can help the game designers when making a game more fun. Fun stuff to meet with some other game developers and game students! It was cool meeting the guy who wrote the story for “Amensia”. That game is super scary! I was really amazed when he told the audience they are 8 developers working on the company (Frictional Games), and they meet by Skype o_o

Junebud (where I work) attended SGA-S. The makers of "Amnesia" held a interesting lecture about game writing!

Awesome spider is awesome! Found this on my way home from last week's game developer beer in Malmö!

Some sort of art stuff near the Western Harbor in Malmö. In the background you can see Malmö's only skyscraper "Turning Torso".

Nice street art near my gym. Have no idea if it's legal or not :D

I collect pics of beautiful skies <3 This sky was seen on my way home from IKEA :)