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Color Pencils



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Yesterday I took a break in all my other stuff and headed down to the artist’s store in my hoods, got myself some more colored pencils to play with. I had like four different colors from before, and felt like expanding my collection with a couple more. The ones I’m using are called Koh-I-Noor POLYCOLOR. They have rich coloring that sticks to the paper, and they don’t seem to break as easily as my other coloring pencils.

Right now I seem to be in that state of mind when my subconscious have a lot to think about and just keeps on getting idea after idea around the clock. I need to keep a notepad next to my bed so I’m able to write down all my ideas and images that suddenly pop into my head!

Yesterday I also went to my gym for some exercise, finally doing some proper testing of my muscles. I have had this gym routine where I pick and choose from a dozen exercises depending on what I feel like that particular day. The thing is, if I don’t have it all on paper it’s very hard to remember how much you managed to perform last time, so making progress is harder when you don’t challenge yourself enough. Since my body finally seems to have battled down the never ending flu (that lasted for like three months) I started a new workout routine yesterday and wrote down all my results on my new exercise paper. Last time I did something like this, tracked my exercise and progress on paper, I quickly got into really good shape. Let’s hope it works again!





Grown-up Pokémons! Inspired by today’s April fool’s joke made by Google! I went to the weekly sketch jam here in Malmö and chilled with the other artists. It was le nice, we talked about concept art and stuff.

Right now I’m concentrating on a secret side project of mine and the job hunting, so I don’t have that much time to spend on drawing, but I still find the time to do something little here and there.