Adventures Around Skåne






Skåne is the southern part of Sweden. My friends surprised me with a car, some food and a map, and then we went on a whole day of adventures! We basically drove from coast to coast, visited a lot of historic places, old forts, a creepy-cool lime stone cave and Nimis (an illegal built tree house that over the years has come to grow to this epic fort, hidden my the beach in a nature park).

We fooled around at all these places, eating way to expensive pizza, driving around and hiking in the woods. We actually got lost on our way to find Nimis towards the end of the day, and what should have been a one hour walk ended up taking almost three. After getting lost in the woods we decided to walk along the rocky beach, which slowed us down considerably. The way to Nimis isn’t marked on any routs since it has been built illegally, and our phones were dead or out of Internet.

We finally found Nimis and managed to get back to the car just in time for the sunset, hehe. But it was totally worth it! This treehouse is so cool, and I’ve already tried to find it one time before so I just didn’t want to give up again. I’m so happy my friends take me on adventures like this < 3 On out way back we stopped by a hamburger place along the highway, and had some food. I got to drive as well, which was nice! All these photos are by my dear friend Nina.

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