At Work w.4

It’s been a quite busy week at work. Today Junebud (the game developer company I work for) held a mini lecture on the Malmö Game Jam. It was about the most common mistakes developers do when they are making games in a short period of time. The Game Jam is a global event, people all over the world get together this weekend and make games for 48 hours straight. I will post some game jam pictures on Monday to show you what I’m talking about.

Anyway, here’s the pictures from this week at Junebud! Enjoy

Went for a sushi together with my talented co-worker WickyWiki. She is also the main author of the MilMo wiki. Did you know she used to write the wiki before we hired her?


I keep a few shells on my desk at work. They remind me of adventures and happy times. These are from Thailand and Norway. The drawing is inspired from Inception. A quick sketch to remind me everything is changing.


Om nom! Some meringue! Went to the local shop together with our new co-worker from Brazil.


The infamous 2,000 pcs puzzle we started last week. Some progress have been made I can tell!



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