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Time flies! I’ve been super busy with Midnight Hub and Lake Ridden the last weeks, as you might have read over at the company’s blog. We moved out of our old office and into the new place at Minc, the incubator in Malmö. This new place is super cool! Fun fact: it’s the same house where I sat when I worked with Junebud, creating MilMo : ) We used to joke and say we would never get a office with such a lovely view of the Baltic Sea, and here I am again, 4 years later…It’s a bit nostalgic to be back, but things have changed and the house has been upgraded since I was working here with The Junebud Crew. We moved out just a couple of weeks before 2011 became 2012.

I’ve put Casen Crowd in hibernation mode last month, need to dedicate all my time and resources on Lake Ridden right now, trying my best to grow into this new role and doing our best to get the game made. I think you could say I’m the closest thing Midnight Hub comes to a CEO, and I’m also the producer and studio manager.

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