Can of Worms In Progress

There’s just so many things I would love to write about at the moment. First out is that I’m gonna help out doing some concept art for a small Unity game on the side, in my spare time! I’m so excited about this, it’s a long time since I did some concepts. Last time was for the game Bob Came In Pieces back in 2009. It was in a very early stage of the game and the company, Ludosity, was trying to find out what kind of visual style they would go with. I love to draw but don’t really have the time to do it as often as I wish.


Second; I’ve been thinking about making a post about how I view piracy of games, music and movies, but that feels like opening a can of worms. Since most of my friends are really computer savvy and like music, games and movies they all have their own opinion about online piracy. I think it’s wrong to steal. I think that if you download something that has a price tag, without paying, you are stealing. In Sweden more than one million people are downloading stuff illegally (Sweden’s population is somewhere around 9 million). We even have our own Pirate Party politicians, and copy paste have been declared a religion; Kopisism (from the Swedish word of copy). It’s very hard to criminalize 10% of the entire population of a country, and that’s the case at the moment in Sweden. It’s mostly adult males between 18-26 that are practicing online piracy, and the girls watch the material the guys download. Ok, now the can of worms is slightly opened…

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