Casen Crowd 1 Year!

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It’s June! This means two things. First off: 1) it’s supposed to be summer here in Sweden (hint: it’s not), and 2) my company Casen Crowd has turned 1 years old! In other words: I managed to survive for one year as self-employed/freelance. I’m very happy about this, and so thankful I’ve got to be part of so many awesome, cool projects, met so many nice people and had my friends and family sometimes advising me or gave me a high-fives when I needed it the most. Thank you all who believe in me, gave me a chance or provided feedback so far.

I’ve learned so much, more than I believed to be possible in one year. The past 12 months have been quite the roller-coaster. Some months have been fun, smooth sailing, while others…not so much. I remember giving most of my family home made gifts for Christmas since I could not afford buying them stuff. There has been way more lunchboxes than I would like to think of (when you eat the same fucking lentil soup for three weeks in a row you start to question your life choices…). But there has also been a lot of hard work, confusion and small victories. The best part of doing my own thing is without a doubt that I meet a lot of people, and that I get to work from almost anywhere. I can work from home, at my office, while traveling or at a train. I can take a break whenever I want to, go out for a walk or sleep in one day if I need to. The flexibility is very nice, but it does test your self-discipline. However, after this summer I might start looking for joining a team of some sorts. In the end I’m a bit too extrovert to be working on my own. I perform best if I have a team working with me.

Last week I visited Stockholm and got to see both the DICE and Spotify offices (top image), which was nice! Spotify got free snacks for all their employees…! It’s like literally eight fridges packed with nuts, wraps, protein bars, soft drinks, mineral water, salads etc etc for the people who work there. That alone makes me want to work at Spotify! Speaking of nice things, I rewarded myself with some new gym clothes a few weeks ago. I’ve now managed to go to the gym for more than one year, and I really feel stronger and healthier. The image in the middle is from December last year, and the last one from this week, it’s good to see some progress!

Anyways, that’s enough talk for one post. I’ll get back to the art posts eventually, don’t worry! I’m drawing, I just don’t want to show it to anybody at the moment.

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