Casual Connect 2012 Part 1

Time to get ready for the first mingle party of the week!

Epic break fast is epic!

The view from the room was amazing!

For those of you who follows me on twitter.som/saxen8 you know that I went to the game developer conference Casual Connect in Hamburg, Germany this week. It was a business trip together with my boss Ola. Last year we went to CC we had a great time and met many interesting developers and companies. Photos from last year can be viewed over here. They are originally from Junebud’s own developer blog.

Since Junbud (the game company where I work as an associate producer) is focused on casual web and mobile games, Casual Connect is one of the most relevant events of the year for us. It’s a perfect way to get to know what’s happening in the industry and catch the gossip.

We stayed at the Radisson Blue hotel, connected to the conference halls. Really convenient to stay at a hotel that’s so close to all the lectures! I think it’s a good investment; you don’t need to hurry in the morning since the lectures stared at 10 am. Last year we had to walk for 40 minutes to get to the conference.

This year speakers for the conference included Google, Zynga, Bigpoint. Kotangent and many more. Usually Ola and I split up and make sure we cover as many lectures as possible, taking notes and photos of the power points. I have over 250 new photos in my iPhone of power point slides…Yay! Gonna publish more photos from day 2 and 3 later. Staying home today with a massive cold…

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