Casual Connect 2011

Some pictures from last year’s conference. Ola and me at that wierd nightclub last year in Hamburg. Belive it or not, but many deals are sealed at these places!


At the club, talking with other game developers.


Ola at the breakfast, day 2. We stayed at Arc Hotel Rubin in downtown Hamburg. Great place!


Ola at the lectures.


Taking notes and reading about the speakers.

Yo dawgs! Looks like I will attend the game developer conference Casual Connect in Hamburg next week, together with my bawss Ola. Last year was a blast! We’ve found out Casual Connect seems to be the the most relevant event for Junebud, since it’s focused on casual, social and mobile games. We are leaving on Monday night and returning Thursday afternoon. Friday is business as usual at the office and I will be preparing presentations of the content for the rest of the team once we get back to Sweden. I’m looking forward to the lectures, the mingle parties and the opportunities to meet peers. Time to make sure my business cards are up to date!

The pictures are property of Junebud and found on our developer blog

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