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In mY heaD,

IMG_1233 IMG_2341 IMG_2344 IMG_2450 IMG_2589 IMG_2644

Because nature doesn’t give a fuck about politics or racism or anything.  Random images I save when browsing the Tumblr Universe out there. I got a thing for nature photography. If you’re interested in knowing more about where the photo came from, save the image and check the name of the file.

What Do You Mean?

Totally love the clash between the sad song and the cheerful dancers. Their goofy 90’s clothes, awesome dance moves and happy energy. I must admit that ever since Justin started to work with Skrillex, his songs got a whole lot better.

Landscape Study

94_365_countryside_by_snatti89-d9erxz1 snatti89_study

Did this landscape study of Snatti89’s amazing painting. You should totally check out his amazing stuff, it’s insanely good!

I added and removed some stuff of my own, wanted to capture the feeling of riding my bike home late on a summer night, after hanging out with my friends and swimming in the sea…Looking at it now, I think I need more hard edges and small details to add more depth?