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Polski Part 1

polen10 polen_1polen_11polen_13polen_14polen_12polen5I’m back from a trip to Poland! It was sort of a mini vacation (or at least I did my best to only work a few hours every day, whenever I happened to have Wi-Fi). The last two weeks has been nothing but wonderful! I just feel so happy and lucky. I truly had the time of my life, together with an awesome bunch of old and new friends (mostly game devs from Paradox and Hazelight). Just before going I threw a housewarming party at my place, celebrating the fact that I finally managed to furnish the place after living here for more than 1,5 years LOL. The party was really nice, and I got a selfie-stick as an “ironic gift”, haha! Of course I made sure to bring the stick on my trip as well. The perfect gift, haha!

Going to Poland was very exciting, the only Eastern European country I visited before is Estonia, so I was very curious about Poland. The country is huge, with a very rich history and culture, but I knew almost nothing about it, besides from the very basics of its unfortunate fate during the World Wars. We flew from Copenhagen to Kraków, which only takes about one hour. My Polish friend Agnieszka was our guide for the trip. The average Polish citizen seems to be better at Russian or German than they are at English, so having her translating everything from menus to cab directions was very helpful. I managed to learn two words in Polish during my stay: Biedronka (Ladybug) and Herbata (tea) : P The language resembles Swedish in some way, but I find the pronunciation extremely difficult.

The architecture in Kraków’s Old Town, where our hostel for the first night was located, was so beautiful and inspiring! Kraków was not destroyed in the war bombings, so most of the city is still preserved. However a lot of the buildings were almost falling apart due to lack of maintenance, covered in ivy and wild flowers. Kraków is a city where many young artists come to live and create, like Kreuzberg in Berlin. Compared to Sweden the food in Poland is crazy cheep, and you almost always get more than you manage to eat, if you go to a restaurant. Beer is usually less expensive than water!  I could feel the creative spirit in this city, and the majority of the people I saw on the streets were between 20-30. This place really got my imagination flowing. I could totally move here for a summer to do some sketching and writing < 3 It was like each old house had it’s own story to tell. Walking around in the city filled my brain with so many new ideas.

After sleeping in Kraków for a night we headed towards the mountain village Zakopane, located towards the Slovakian boarder, near the majestic High Tatra Mountains. Zakopane would be our main base for five days as we did hiking and followed different mountain trails. The architecture in Zakopane was also very cool, you could see these houses with pointy ceilings everywhere, looking a bit like the Stave curches in Norway. The houses in Zakopane looked like miniature versions of the mountains surrounding them, with all theirs pointy shapes, floors and balconies.

I got another batch of photos coming from the hike itself, I just need to sort out the best ones. But as you can tell from the bottom image the nature in the High Tatra Mountains is extremely beautiful. I had no idea this could be found in Europe!


Casen Crowd 1 Year!

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It’s June! This means two things. First off: 1) it’s supposed to be summer here in Sweden (hint: it’s not), and 2) my company Casen Crowd has turned 1 years old! In other words: I managed to survive for one year as self-employed/freelance. I’m very happy about this, and so thankful I’ve got to be part of so many awesome, cool projects, met so many nice people and had my friends and family sometimes advising me or gave me a high-fives when I needed it the most. Thank you all who believe in me, gave me a chance or provided feedback so far.

I’ve learned so much, more than I believed to be possible in one year. The past 12 months have been quite the roller-coaster. Some months have been fun, smooth sailing, while others…not so much. I remember giving most of my family home made gifts for Christmas since I could not afford buying them stuff. There has been way more lunchboxes than I would like to think of (when you eat the same fucking lentil soup for three weeks in a row you start to question your life choices…). But there has also been a lot of hard work, confusion and small victories. The best part of doing my own thing is without a doubt that I meet a lot of people, and that I get to work from almost anywhere. I can work from home, at my office, while traveling or at a train. I can take a break whenever I want to, go out for a walk or sleep in one day if I need to. The flexibility is very nice, but it does test your self-discipline. However, after this summer I might start looking for joining a team of some sorts. In the end I’m a bit too extrovert to be working on my own. I perform best if I have a team working with me.

Last week I visited Stockholm and got to see both the DICE and Spotify offices (top image), which was nice! Spotify got free snacks for all their employees…! It’s like literally eight fridges packed with nuts, wraps, protein bars, soft drinks, mineral water, salads etc etc for the people who work there. That alone makes me want to work at Spotify! Speaking of nice things, I rewarded myself with some new gym clothes a few weeks ago. I’ve now managed to go to the gym for more than one year, and I really feel stronger and healthier. The image in the middle is from December last year, and the last one from this week, it’s good to see some progress!

Anyways, that’s enough talk for one post. I’ll get back to the art posts eventually, don’t worry! I’m drawing, I just don’t want to show it to anybody at the moment.

Win an Intous Pro at Nordic Game Conference!


I’ll be at the Nordic Game Conference next week, hosting an art competition in the Art Corner, together with Wacom! Anyone can join the competition to draw their own personal interpretation of the Nordic Game 2015 theme “Blueshift” using products from Wacom. This is a great opportunity to try out a Cintiq if you haven’t already.

Participants’ artworks will be printed and displayed at NG15, and anyone with a Twitter or Instagram account can cast a vote for their favourite piece of art using the tag #NordicGame. The winner will be announced at 14:00 on Friday 22 May during the final conference session, and will receive their prize, a Wacom Intous Pro M, on the main stage.

If you happen to be at this year’s NGC, please drop by and make some cool art that we can hang on the wall!


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So lately I’ve found a bunch of new artists that produce super cool, inspiring stuff! I might post some of them here on my blog, always linking the art to their rightful owner. The first one I want to share with you guys is this amazing Russian painter living in Japan. Gosh I just love the works by KR0NPR1NZ! The colors are so vibrating, and the way he mixes realistic and manga influenced motives is super appealing to me. The results are a bit dreamy, like something not quite from this world, but a painted, more soft version of reality.


Cleaned both my digital and physical desktop today. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for all this spring cleaning. Feels like I’ve been doing little else than cleaning this damn apartment the past two weeks, along with the well needed refurnishing project. It makes me super stressed to live in this mess, so just want it done and over with. Make sure to check out Ilya’s stuff if you are curios about his art. All images here are property of Ilya.

The Fitness Project


I’ve been totally swamped with work the last two weeks, but got a batch of new drawings in the pipe for this blog. It’s hard to maintain the same level of art practice, run your own little business AND have the time to hang out with your friends and other social obligations.

On top of that I’ve been running another project of my own since April this year; The Fitness Project! This is something I haven’t posted about earlier, mostly because I have felt like keeping it to myself, and partly because I don’t think anyone is really that interested in my workouts or what I do at the gym, haha! However, since we’re already on the topic I’m happy to share this photo from my gym.

I’ve always been very active and growing up I participated in all kinds of sports like karate, ballet and track & field to mention a few. PE was always my favorite class (next to drawing) when going to school. I’ve spent countless hours of my free time paddling kayak, diving and playing hockey with my friends. To me a strong body is very important, a body that is fit enough to fight the currents when you are diving, or strong enough to climb high trees with your friends when you are on an adventure. Stuff like body weight or what it looks like has never really concerned me. Numbers on a scale doesn’t really tell you how much you lift or how deep you are able to dive, haha! Since I’m very tall I’m used to being the heaviest of my girlfriends, and I’m lucky enough to have a body type that responds well to building muscle.

One of my biggest problems with working so much in front of the computer is the fact that you are moving too little on a daily basis. It makes me very restless and lowers your basic cardio. And it certainly does not help that I spend a lot of my free time drawing. So earlier this year I created The Fitness Project to make sure I was taking care of my body and preparing for next summer’s surf and diving.  I’ve also constructed my own standing desk at work, which is awesome! Visiting the gym three times a week has so far helped me to get rid of all my neck and back problems(!), it has lowered the number of sick days and I just feel happier.

If you are working a lot with computers, how are you taking care of your body? Watching BroScience, loading my phone with great work out music or eating healthy foods are sure fire ways to get me inspired to work out. Great tips are always welcome! : )