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Learning To Draw: Post #12

Hi guys, hope you had some nice Winter holidays? I’ve been travelling so much the last three weeks I feel dizzy. Sometimes when I wake up in the mornings I forget where I am, or when I’m on the train I forget where I’m going. What’s home anyway? In three weeks I’ve been: Stockholm (Sweden) – Åland (Finland) – Åbo (FIN) – Helsinki (FIN) – Marsa Alam (Egypt) – Helsinki – Åbo – Stockholm – Åland – Stockholm – Malmö (Sweden) – Stockholm. 8D Anyways, here’s the latest pictures from my “Learning To Draw”-project. If you want to see everything ever made click [here] for a link to my special DeviantArt gallery.

2/1-132 hours, a bad ass girl made from a previous concept.

2 hours, a bad ass girl made from a previous concept.

1/1-13Erh, don't ask me about what's going on with the Japanese guy's hair lol. I doodled some sleeping girls at the train, felt like a perv, but I've learned by now that nothing beats drawing objects from life : O

Erhm, don’t ask me about what’s going on with the Japanese guy’s hair lol. I doodled some sleeping girls at the train, felt like a perv, but I’ve learned by now that nothing beats drawing objects from life : O

31/12 & 1/1-13Let's see if i can paint 100 faces!

31/12 & 1/1-13
Let’s see if I can paint 100 faces!

28/12-12On the train between Malmö and Stockholm.

On the train between Malmö and Stockholm.


Got myself a new sketch book as a Christmas gift from my sister. Time to start filling it with human parts hehe!


2 hours later, rendering a robot concept I made a few weeks earlier. I didn’t really know how to do this, so I kinda just went along and experimented. I guess that’s good every once in a while!


Back at drawing after almost 3 weeks with no drawing due to travelling, sickness and other stuff.
I LOVE robots <3

Finished reading the excellent book “Creative Illustration” written by Andrew Loomis this week. That book was nothing short of an eye-opener. It covered the very basics for stuff I’ve been lacking for so long. Color, line, half-tone, message, composition, techniques etc. Now my book is full of under-linings and stuff I’ve written next to the many illustrations shown. Awesome stuff. Next up: time to order more books, got a gift card for two more books. Any suggestions on good books about painting/drawing let me know :3


If you haven’t already you should check out Johannes H’s art blog. Johannes was the lead concept artist at Junebud, and we went to the same video game school back in the days. He is posting some really good looking stuff at his blog, along with tutorials every now and then! Click the picture to go to his site.

Previous post of my “Learning To Draw” project: 11,10987654321


The art direction of MilMo was refined along the years.

This week has been quite the rollercoaster. On the 1st of August Junebud, the company I have worked for the past years, filed for bankruptcy. The news even made it to Develop Online, Games Industry International and some Swedish newspapers.

I’m still very, very sad about this. No one wanted it to end like this, and whatever happens from now on I want to thank all the brave MilMonauts. Thank you for investing so much in MilMo, for supporting the The Junebud Crew and for always believing in us. I will never look at MilMo as a failure. A game that rich, beautiful, fun and adventurous is as far away from a  failure you can possibly come. I will always be happy and thankful I had the chance to work with the talented crew, and to be part of something bigger than I could ever achieve by myself. This post servers as recap of my time at Junebud and a big “thank you” to the whole Junebud Crew, as well as to the lovely MilMo community! Since there is no way I can organize this post in a better way, I’m just throwing myself down the memory lane and sharing photos I really like. Enjoy!

Most photos are available at Junebud’s developer blog:

This was one of the first photos ever taken of MilMo, back in 2008. Lightmill Island!

Seastar Resort was called “Summer Island” back in 2008. I joined the team at the end of 2009, when the game was to be released in closed beta. Back in then the game only existed on the portal

Concept art showing the many different MilMo islands. Some of them were never made, some of them are familiar if you play the game.

A photo from one of the beloved “Meet The Devs” events we used to do. To meet the community online was always awesome!

I met so many cool, sweet, nice players during my time as a community manager. This is me and Vanny, one of the GMs.

Concept art for the “Spooky World” world story.

Imagiantion Devourers, the MilMo world’s biggest enemy.

GMs meeting devs in my Home.

A really crazy Home!

The MilMo Comic! The comic is still up at

Awesome fan art!

User Generated Content at its best! The Home of a MilMonaut.

Beautiful screenshot collage made by a MilMonaut!

Halloween event in MilMo.

One of my favorites. This photo is special to me.

The Junebud Crew back in 2011.

Me and the CEO of Junebud, Ola Holmdahl, at Casual Connect.

Me & Ola at Casual Connect 2012. Like bosses!

Crew photo from the “goodbye party” this week. Shows about 50% of the Junebud Crew.

A photo of an unannounced game project by Junebud. This concept art was hanging on the wall at the office.

Thank you all, it’s been a fun ride!

It’s still not yet decided what will happen to MilMo in the future. Hopefully Junebud will find a way to keep the game online. For me it’s now time to look for new adventures.

Be brave,

– Sara

Sad News

Watch the official MilMo trailer, just click the picture.

I had some sad, sad news to tell you. The game company where I work filed for bankruptcy yesterday. My heart goes out to all the brave MilMonauts who have proven to be the most lovable and loyal community I have ever met online.

It’s not yet decided what will happen to the game “MilMo”, but I hope we will find a way for it to continue stay online. A lot of the fans have expressed their feelings on the official forum (click here). What amazes me is the support and grief, there’s no hating or blaming.

I will share more information about the situation when I have something to tell you.


About Game Developer Events


Drinking a cup of tea and thinking about all the game developer conferences I visited since I got in contact the game industry some years ago. I’m not gonna pretend I’m a veteran or anything, because I’m not. During the last weeks I met so many experienced and talented personalities working in the industry I realize how far I still have to go If I want to become good at this (the company where I’m working sent me and the CEO to the Nordic’s most important game event: the Nordic Game Conferance, last week).

But anyway, I made a small list of events and get-togethers I attended over the years. I like to order, name and label things in my life. Started thinking of my own path and how I got to where I am today, when I met with all the volunteers at Nordic Game Conf. Most of the volunteers are students studying at Malmö’s game developer school “The Game Assembly”. They get the chance to hand out their CVs, attend the lectures and help out at the conference for free when studying. I think it’s a good way of getting into the industry and get inspired by folks already working with game development. This year I noticed a lot of the companies giving lectures ending with announcing they have open positions. It seems like the industry in Sweden is growing and in need of new talent.

I’m very proud I started out as a volunteer back in the days myself. I especially remember the first time ever I attended the NGC and listened to Media Molecule giving a talk about how they prototyped their game “Little Big Planet”. That presentation was very, very inspirational and has left a deep mark in me. I dared to ask for the business card of the talker, and had it hanging on my wall for a couple of years (stalker warning anyone?!). It’s still one of the best business cards I’ve ever got (gonna take a picture of it and show you later). Its basically a hand-made old fashioned luggage tag of paper with the name, company and e-mail written on it, by hand. Reflects the whole LBP feeling of creativity and unique art direction.

Another very special memory is when me and our CEO went to Casual Connect for the first time ever. Casual Connect is held in Germany, Hamburg. We packed our stuff, flew to Germany from Sweden and on the flight down I put on my makeup. We morphed into party outfits, switched on to party mode and grabbed a cab to the big mingle as soon as we touched ground. It felt a bit like we were on a secret mission haha! When we went to Gamescom last year we arrived late at night and the taxi driver was really crazy, driving in 140 km/h on a highway in the dark. I just closed my eyes and prayed we would be OK. The other taxi driver we had that day talked about his time in prison and how he despised common traffic rules. I could see myself making headlines: game developers from Sweden axe murdered by German taxi driver.

A lot has happened since then, but every time I get the chance to go to these game events I try to put my best into them. I know I need to represent not only the games we made, but also the effort every single person on the team has put into what I’m showing a potentional business partner/investor or someone we want to hire. Since it’s a part of my job to go to these things and bring back observations of industry trends and contacts for the company I view it as work. But very fun work indeed.

Nordic Game Conferance 2012 Part 2

This year I met with friends and dawgs from Southend, Coffee Satin Studios, Massive,, Triolith and Mojang + others : ) There was just so many inspirational developers and I must say I feel very energized after attending the key note given by the Art Director Jonathan of new Deus Ex game, and dancing with the up and coming talents of Sweden’s game developers. Got bruises and soar muscles after all the dancing!

My boss Ola Holmdahl had plenty of meetings and I went to the lectures & took notes. After my metrics lecture at the Swedish Game Conference : South a couple of moths ago, several people have approached me on conferences and parties, asked me “are you Sara?”. This happened at NGC as well. It’s kinda fun and I get to meet so many nice people!

Nordic Game Conference is held in Malmö, my current home town!

Noric Game Conferance!

Dressed for a hot day in the conference rooms! It’s summer in Sweden <3

Guess what game…?

Post NGC beer at the Junebud office! Good times!

Nordic Game Conferance 2012 Part 1

I’m back from the Nordic Game Conference (NGC), that took place in Malmö, Sweden last week. I have not visited that many game developer conferences so far, but it’s absolutely my favorite! It’s a really friendly atmosphere, it’s always plenty of old friends there and the Nordic Party is super sweet. And the fact that I can go straight home and sleep when the conference is done is a huge + ; )

Wednesday: Nordic Indie Game Party!

Ready for the indie party! Met plenty of old friends and new faces :)

Friends from the Malmö based company Southend!


Suit Up Day at Work!

So last week we decided to host a “Suit Up Day” at the game development company where I work. I kinda suggested it for fun, and the crew seemed to be very happy about the idea! Here’s some pictures of me, our producer Ivan (with the white tie) and our CEO Ola. Ola suited up in his death metal clothing instead of the regular suit, which was a nice change!

Ivan, Ola and me outside our office in Malmö, Sweden!


Junebud’s producer team!



Aspiring Game Developers

This week me and my boss Ola went to the “Meet & Greet” event with aspiring game developers studying computer game development, at The Game Assembly school. As a final course of the school the students complete a 7 months internship on a game company.

We were hoping to spread the word about our company and get some 3D artist and programmers as interns. It was a pleasant surprise that so many of the students remembered the metrics focused lecture I gave at Swedish Game Awards: South conference, a couple of weeks ago.Even some of the other professional game developers attenting the “M&G” came up to say “hi” and wanted to talk about the lecture.

This year the competition for skilled interns was fierce, companies like DICE, Easy, Massive, IO and other big fishes also wanted to get hold of some fresh students.

After meeting with the students we all headed for the pub and some beers. I spent my night mostly talking to an old friend who now is the studio manager at Paradox South. Anyways, I already got some CV:s in my in-box from the students, let’s hope we are able to offer some internships for them after the summer!

Me and Ola pitching our studio for the game dev students. Picture by The Game Assembly.

Ola showing our new, upcoming game Tuff Tanks for a student

Just Another Week At Work

Had a super after work yesterday. We went to a small pub near the office, took a few beers and shared stories. It was nice to see everyone again after the Easter vacations! Here’s some pictures from this week at the office!

Our poor office octopus hanging on the fridge

Wohoo! We got the cutest co-worker ever! She will stay with us for a couple of weeks :D

I just love these tea packages to much to throw them away when I’m done. They look so stylish!

After work fun on Friday xD