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Nordic Game Conference 2015

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Nordic Game Conference of 2015 is over. I had a blast! It was very nice to get the opportunity be part of the Art Contest hosted by Wacom and Epson. I did my best to make sure everything was running smoothly, writing the rules, designing a poster, convincing artists to try out the Wacom gear in the booth and counting the votes on Friday. The people from Wacom were nice, and I got two students helping out as well. We printed the participant’s art and posted it on the wall by the coffee table, where conference attendees were invited to vote on their favorite piece on Instagram or Twitter. The winner, Jerina Kivistö, got handed a brand new Intous PRO M on stage during the wrap-up of the conference on Friday. Her interpretation of the theme “Blueshift” was a worthy winner, but I’m really happy I didn’t have to pick a winner since there were so many talented artists joining this. I’m glad the crowd on social media got to decide, haha!

NGC always makes me feel like the Nordic games industry is one big family, and it’s really one of the high lights of the year to me. When everything is over I’m totally exhausted and overwhelmed by new ideas and inspiration, while at the same time I’m just super excited about what I’ve learned and all the people I met. This was my 7th time, and it’s starting to feel more and more like a class reunion each year. It’s the yearly opportunity to meet everyone you only speak to by email or on Twitter, to catch up and get drunk together, comparing war stories and meet new folks. This year I really felt like a n00b in so many ways. When you talk to people like Vic Bassey (editor of the Indie page The Square, top image), Laura Bularca (producer at Gothia Science Park and the person who snapped the photo of med and Vic) or listen to Brie Code (3rd image from the top) talk about how to assemble a kick-ass team, you just realize just how little you actually know. How it is even possible that learning new stuff makes you feel even more like >THIS<? Huge thanks to Jacob, Marie and all the others at Nordic Game for making this possible each year < 3

Speaking of art, Margel posted this very cute drawing of me, Ola and Ivan. It’s us from back in the days when we worked at Junebud together. The best part is that it does really look like Ivan’s haircut in real life ; D

Midsummer 2014





Here’s some drawing from the past week. I got myself a new sketchbook that I’m trying to fill up as quickly as possible (since the paper was not what I was hoping for, so the faster I get this one filled I get to buy myself a new one!). Drawing plenty of gestures and standing characters right now since I find it to be so much fun! Other than that I’ve celebrated midsummer this weekend with my friends, which was so much fun! We played croquet, crafted our own Maypole and had a nice game of Bränboll (kinda like Baseball but without 90% the difficult rules). Super fun! Here’s two photos from the weekend a friend of mine shot. Cheers!


midsommar2014 176

Life Is Good






I think I’m finally learning how to draw standing characters! It’s like I suddenly see something I’ve been missing for so many years. Usually my standing and walking characters look so stale and lifeless, all twisted and unnatural, but now…Looking at my old drawing it seems like I didn’t know stuff like how to place the feet, the weight of the hip, starting with the head when drawing a standing character, not applying perspective etc.

Last night I lay in the sofa to 03 AM, with windows open, just drawing, watching some GOT and listening to the black birds singing in the summer night. Life is pretty good right now in other words. It’s summer, I hosted a nice party last Friday, I’m healthy, I have friends, a nice apartment and my own company. I know life will not always be this nice to me, and I will probably somewhere in the future be miserable and old and sick with some strange disease, living in tent in the woods with crazy, inbred cats…but tight now everything is great. To my future self: remember this time of your life. OK, that’s enough bla bla for one post. Need to buy myself a new sketchbook, just finished this one.

Also, I finished my 4th album of images for The Art Project on Facebook. The albums can be found here if you want to have a look (they´re public):

Album V:
Album IV:
Album III:
Album II:
Album I:

I’m Starting My Own Business!


Finally I can let the cat out of the bag! After working as an employee for different game companies the past 4 years I’m starting my own thing! It’s public now since it looks like all paper work is approved and the Swedish government has agreed to let me pay taxes and run my own business! I’m celebrating this with a photo of my new X-Men shirt! I won’t quite yet tell you what it is that I’m doing, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I feel like the time has come to reveal what kind of company I’m creating. I already have some super exciting clients and I make enough to pay my rent and put food on the table!

Part of growing up is finding out what you want to do with your life, and this is definitely something I want to do right now. Funny thing is, if you would have asked me just 5 months ago I would never ever had started my own thing. But perspectives change and too many great coincident just lined up for me to ignore all the possibilities. I’m a big fan of taking advantage of opportunities. Early next week I’ll probably sign a contract to rent some office space as well. I accept that most of the things in life that happens to us are pure random, but it’s how you choose to deal with them that really matters!

Letter From The Past


Hey look at that! I got a reply on my message in a bottle that I threw in the sea outside Finland almost 10 years ago! How amazing! The old man who found the letter lives not too far away from where I threw it in the ocean, and he was kind enough to send me his own letter and address, and also included a map pointing out where exactly he discovered the bottle!

The letter I put in my bottle was written the same summer I was done with primary school and about to start studying at a gymnasium in Finland. I had kinda lost my two best friends and was a bit uncertain and worried about starting a new school with no friends. What I din’t know 10 years ago was that I would soon meet the most awesome gang of girls this very summer in 2004, and I would make plenty of new friends in my new school. Ten years ago I had three super nice years at this gymnasium ahead of me, but I just did not know it yet…!

The letter is written using pretty poor English. Ten years ago if you had asked me, I would never ever in my wildest dreams believe that I would be able to stand in-front of a live stream at the Sony HQ in Sweden and hold a lecture in English about game development (which I did two weeks ago). The letter also contains a proud drawing of my dog, Nicki. Ten years ago I would not know that Nicki would die a tragic death in five years.

Ten years ago I had no idea that I would move to Sweden and study video games at University, three years after this letter was thrown into the sea. I had no idea I would meet super inspiring developers, start working in the video game industry and fly to Monaco in private jets with Mojang.

Ten years ago I wrote a letter, put it in a bottle and threw it out to sea. That letter contained some U2 lyrics that I felt really fitted how I felt about life back then; a bit scared, excited and no idea what the future would bring. Interesting enough those lyrics still feel relevant to me now:

And I have no compass
And I have no map
And I have no reasons
No reasons to get back

And I have no religion
And I don’t know what’s what
And I don’t know the limit
The limit of what we’ve got

Learning To Draw: #36


1,5 hours, real life study of Jasmine flowers from the garden. Not quite sure about that glass of water hmm…Anyhow, I had a serious moment of doubt (in pretty much everything) that day, but got myself together at the end of the day and sat down and painted again (thank you all nice people who encourage me to try harder).


Some kind of experimenting with female warrior armor. I’ve been going trough the video library at CTRL Paint during the last few days, so there have been more listing and writing than actual painting. I guess you need to mix practical and theory to really learn something, right?


A quick exercise in learning to see light and shadow, tracing the skull at first. If I trace the object I only need to worry about the light/shadow part of this image.


Just your friendly neighborhood dragon! I drew five random lines on the paper and started painting whatever it looked like. A fun exercise! 

Today was my birthday! I had a wonderful time at the Danish aqua world called “Den Blå Planet” (the blue planet). I saw sharks, giant sting-rays, coral reef, seals, birds, eel and so much other cool stuff. There really is nothing like the ocean! I become like a small kid, just running around, looking at all the stuff, full of happiness and joy! Thanks all who made this day so special! < 3


I’ve been to the gym, I’ve finally got my new Iron Man tee from Threadless and I had an awesome day at the Danish aquarium!

Facebook Album Part 1

Facebook Album Part 2

Facebook Album Part 3


The Killers & Lemaître!


Image by me. The Killers live in Malmö. So happy they played all of my favorite songs!

Checking things off my bucket list like a boss. Last weekend I watched The Killers perform live in Malmö, Sweden. Yesterday me and some friends went to watch Lemaître perform at a club in here Stockholm. Both of the concerts were super sweet, dreams coming true. I think I’ve wanted to see The Killers live for a bit over 6 years, and to finally be able to see them put on a show in front of my eyes were nothing short of amazing. It’s still hard to think I was in the same room as my ongoing teenage crush Brandon Flowers, haha!


Brandon Flowers, so awkward but sexy at the same time, haha! One of those performes who are super skilled, got a mega smile and just makes me want to do whatever it takes to get equally awesome.

Lemaître is a Norwegian electro-duo from Bergen (the same city where I got plenty of family members). They are super skilled and if they are given enough time I’m sure they will be up there with giants like Röyksopp and Justice in a few years. The concert was kick-ass-, super heavy base vibrating in my whole body, people dancing like mad and the artists even stage-dived <3 Click [here] to listen to their music for free.


Image by me. Lemaître live at Debaser, Stockholm this weekend. Crazy and fantastic!

Two Weeks Without Facebook

Haha oh damn, I feel like such a tragic person, but now I’m writing a blog post about the fact that I haven’t used FB for two weeks in a row. I mean, I totally get how ironic it is that I use my own blog for writing about how I spend less time online, and more time doing stuff in real life.

I had been feeling like some kind of twilight creature for a while, not really present online, not really present in the real world. I think it all started when I got an iPhone back in the last days of 2011. I spent more and more time online, checking mail, social media and news. I grew tired of always being connected, always up to date, processing huge amount of information in a short period of time. As someone once said, it’s not information overflow  it’s filter failing. As a community manager and very social person, it’s natural I’m interested in Internet behavior, but I felt I was channeling my energy in a non-constructive way. The only time I log in to Facebook is when I use it for my job at Paradox.

To me Facebook has become increasingly boring during the last coupe of months. It’s mostly because of the enormous amount of spam and adds, but the feeling that so much of my life being in the FB servers bothered me more and more. I want to be in charge of my own pictures and stuff. At least I want that illusion. So here’s a collection of real life activities that makes me happy!


Spending time on the beach in Denmark, 2011.


Diving in Norway, 2006.


Paddling in the Finnish archipelago .

So what’s my view about this FB-experiment so far?

I feel like I have more time to concentrate on my drawing and hanging out with real friends. I was a bit worried to lose touch with my friends, but most of them got my Skype and cell number. To my surprise I don’t really miss Facebook or checking my feed while on the metro. I still use Twitter, but not in the same way as before : )