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Announcing Our New Studio: Midnight Hub!


So the cat is out of the bag! The count down I’ve been running these past days were kind of a puzzle and teaser for this new games studio I’m co-founding with two other friends/game developers. I think the meaning of the puzzle will become even clearer as the time goes by ; )

I’m so, so exited! Our studio is named Midnight Hub, and this has been in the works for quite some time now. Back in 2014 I felt I wanted to work more closely with a team, not only all by myself. So after a bit of planning, some emails, calls and meetings we assembled a group of very skilled game developers. But the timing wasn’t right, and some health issues got in the way. So later this fall, in 2015, me an my friend Johan made a second attempt. This was when he quit his job at Mojang, where he had been for the past three years, and we went on the lookout for a artist that could join our small team. We found Erik, who used to work for Paradox South, and he seemed like the perfect fit! So here we are, a tiny studio of three game developers, starting their own thing in Malmö, Sweden!

We have worked together since December 2015, mostly with pre-pre-production, just getting an office, pitching game ideas for each other and setting up a lot of the technical stuff, applying for boring government papers and dealing with the bank. All those important things that are not games, but needs to be sorted out in order to get everything else up and running.

The mission with our studio is to make unique games that make players feel something more. We want to craft experiences where we can try our own ideas and make something that sticks with the player, long after they finished playing our game. Both me, Johan and Erik are kind of bored with the typical Call of Battle Bro Duty Army-kill-everything-power-fantasy-games.

So Johan is the creative director and lead coder. He likes to write story and do game design. Erik is this awesome 2D and 3D artist. He also takes care of the animation. I’m the closest thing we got to a CEO. I take care of the community, day to day work and make sure the guys stay on track.

We’re already working on our first game together, it’s a story driven horror game called Lake Ridden. I’ll share more with you as we progress with the development ^_^

Now, go follow us and stay up to date!

Midnight Hub Web Page
Midnight Hub Facebook Page
Midnight Hub Twitter

GDC16 Schoolarship!


Are you a female identifying video games student living in the EU? If you are, then here’s some really great news for you! The non-profit organisation Diversi  and King (that’s right, that company behind Candy Crush) announced last week that they will provide 10 women studying game development with the chance to go to GDC in San Francisco this spring! You can apply over at the GDC Schoolarship page! Diversi and King will select 10 winners who’ll get an “All Access Pass” each, as well as their flight tickets and hotel stay covered!

This is a really great way to get into the industry, to network, attend a bunch of lectures and hang out with other game developers! Apply now or pass on this possibility to someone you know who’d appreciate this opportunity! < 3

Something New


Exciting news everybody! I might be the co-founder of a brand new indie games studio! There is so much I want to share with you, but I just can’t tell you that much right now. We want to make sure that this is really happening, and there’s a few papers left that need signing.

What I can tell you however, is that I found the most awesome people to make games with, and the timing seems right. I truly believe we can make something cool together. We’re a really small team with a interesting mix of talents. I have been looking for a setup for a while now, where we all bring something different to the table, where you can learn from each other and see new possibilities together. I’ll share more with you as soon as I can. Promise!

Sweden Game Conference 2015


I gave a lecture at SGC15. Photo by Sebastian Bularca.

I’m back after a well needed break from the blog. This week’s been crazy. I went to Sweden Game Conference in Skövde Sunday to Wednesday, gave a lecture on basic marketing for indie games, then to Stockholm and less than 24 hours later I headed towards Malmö again. By Friday night I was running on fumes, but attending at SGC was so much fun! The awesome people at Gothia Science Park & University of Skövde really put together an amazing three days! I was a bit nervous for the lecture, since it was my first time talking about the subject, the first time anything I talked about would be streamed online and also the first time I gave a lecture in English. If you happened to be there and want to grab the slides for “Marketing Your Game 101” please do so HERE! 10 of 10 I will attend again!

On another note, killing the Art Project was really the right thing to do, I’ve had so much more inspiration ever since. I feel free to paint and draw again. I feel like I can relax and have fun while creating! : )

Microsoft Game Camp Sweden 2015

Giving a lecture at Microsoft Game Camp Sweden 2015!

Giving a lecture at Microsoft Game Camp Sweden 2015!


After the lecture I found this on one of the screens over at Gothia Science Park : P


Having a beer (or two) with the guys from Coffee Stain Studios. It was a blast!


Crunching numbers for the upcoming Game Developer Index of 2015. Reading +200 annual reports!

Last week I visited Microsoft Game Camp in Skövde and gave a lecture in “Metrics Guided Game Design”! It was very nice to meet with all the teams making games at the camp this summer. I did my best to provide feedback on their projects, talk community management and some marketing with them. Out of all the things I talked with them about, it seems like they all struggle with visibility. This was also the fact for a lot of the already established studios I met and talked with. They all talked about how hard it is today to get noticed on a very crowded market. There are more games coming out than ever, and since the tools for making games are getting more accessible with each update there is no reason to believe the flood of games entering Steam, the App Store or Xbox Live will diminish any time soon. It is very rare a good game just attracts an audience on it’s own, if you don’t get featured by the App Store or someone famous tweets about your game. Developers need to focus a lot of time and energy on marketing and PR. The big studios can afford to throw money at the problem and are often working with strong IPs. If you’re an indie or don’t have a widely known IP this are a lot harder.

I studied at the University of Skövde back in the days, so going back there is always kind of bittersweet. Most of the people that made the city so awesome have moved on by now, so it feels a bit lonely to be there. Luckily I met some new cool devs, and my friend G was kind enough to let me stay at his place where we watched TV-shows and sang in his car. After the lecture I had a coffee with the amazing Laura Bularca and then some beers with the crew from Coffee Stain Studios. All in all I was super satisfied with my visit and ended up smiling on the train back to Malmö the day after. I think it’s a huge privilege to get to share my knowledge and insights with others, and to get to listen to what others think. I believe you can learn the most by listening and asking the right questions, not talking about yourself all the time. I strongly believe that everyone you meet knows something you don’t.

Another thing I haven’t mentioned is the gig I’ve been doing for this summer. I got the pleasure to work with research for their upcoming annual Game Developer Index! So I’ve been digging trough over 200 annual reports this summer, collecting numbers and digits. The report will be coming out in a few months, mapping out the state of the Swedish game industry. If you want to read last year’s report it can be found here for free (in English).

King’s Malmö Office

unnamed (5)

Visited the famous Candy Crush maker King’s office here in Malmö last week! They got a pretty impressing space, filled with free snacks for their employees, breakfast, smoothies and a big gaming corner. There was also a pool table, colorful paintings on almost each wall and so many creatively decorated meeting rooms! We played some Super Smash and got a couple of beers, fun times!

Commute All The Way To the Top!


I’ve been helping Mediocre with some community management for the past year. Last night they won an Apple Design Award for their latest game Does not Commute, over at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco! Huge congrats! You guys absolutely deserve this! The game is truly unique, fun and super polished. If you’re curious to try it out, just head over to the App Store and download it for free : )  It features cars, adultery, time travel and you are literally your won worst enemy. The lovely story is written by Simon from Simogo (the company behind hits such as Device6 and Year Walk). The full list of winners and some nice photos of Dennis and Henrik from Mediocre can be found over here.

Nordic Game Conference 2015

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Nordic Game Conference of 2015 is over. I had a blast! It was very nice to get the opportunity be part of the Art Contest hosted by Wacom and Epson. I did my best to make sure everything was running smoothly, writing the rules, designing a poster, convincing artists to try out the Wacom gear in the booth and counting the votes on Friday. The people from Wacom were nice, and I got two students helping out as well. We printed the participant’s art and posted it on the wall by the coffee table, where conference attendees were invited to vote on their favorite piece on Instagram or Twitter. The winner, Jerina Kivistö, got handed a brand new Intous PRO M on stage during the wrap-up of the conference on Friday. Her interpretation of the theme “Blueshift” was a worthy winner, but I’m really happy I didn’t have to pick a winner since there were so many talented artists joining this. I’m glad the crowd on social media got to decide, haha!

NGC always makes me feel like the Nordic games industry is one big family, and it’s really one of the high lights of the year to me. When everything is over I’m totally exhausted and overwhelmed by new ideas and inspiration, while at the same time I’m just super excited about what I’ve learned and all the people I met. This was my 7th time, and it’s starting to feel more and more like a class reunion each year. It’s the yearly opportunity to meet everyone you only speak to by email or on Twitter, to catch up and get drunk together, comparing war stories and meet new folks. This year I really felt like a n00b in so many ways. When you talk to people like Vic Bassey (editor of the Indie page The Square, top image), Laura Bularca (producer at Gothia Science Park and the person who snapped the photo of med and Vic) or listen to Brie Code (3rd image from the top) talk about how to assemble a kick-ass team, you just realize just how little you actually know. How it is even possible that learning new stuff makes you feel even more like >THIS<? Huge thanks to Jacob, Marie and all the others at Nordic Game for making this possible each year < 3

Speaking of art, Margel posted this very cute drawing of me, Ola and Ivan. It’s us from back in the days when we worked at Junebud together. The best part is that it does really look like Ivan’s haircut in real life ; D

Win an Intous Pro at Nordic Game Conference!


I’ll be at the Nordic Game Conference next week, hosting an art competition in the Art Corner, together with Wacom! Anyone can join the competition to draw their own personal interpretation of the Nordic Game 2015 theme “Blueshift” using products from Wacom. This is a great opportunity to try out a Cintiq if you haven’t already.

Participants’ artworks will be printed and displayed at NG15, and anyone with a Twitter or Instagram account can cast a vote for their favourite piece of art using the tag #NordicGame. The winner will be announced at 14:00 on Friday 22 May during the final conference session, and will receive their prize, a Wacom Intous Pro M, on the main stage.

If you happen to be at this year’s NGC, please drop by and make some cool art that we can hang on the wall!

Photo Update

IMG_8668 IMG_8713 IMG_8746 IMG_8854 IMG_8855

Just a quick little photo dump of what I’ve been up to lately! At the top there’s a photo I shot when visiting the game development school of Ädelfors, together with some very nice teachers from The Game Assembly two weeks ago. It’s nice to be able to help the kidz studying there and to get the chance to feel their inspiration and drive for making games! I’m involved as part of the advisory board for the school’s game education.

The photo depicting nature is something I snapped while running one morning in Norway, two weeks ago. The nature just outside of Bergen is truly stunning, a lot of small springs flowing everywhere. It’s hard to believe you are no more than 30 minutes outside a big city when you see stuff like this. It was so beautiful I had to stop every few minutes just to take photos and enjoy all these amazing plants, flowers, birds and old pinewood trees. Easily the best setting for a run a I had in a long time!

After that there’s a photo from the indie game dev beer in Malmö, hosted by my former employer Tarsier Studios, together with Nordic Game (the company behind the much loved yearly Nordic Game Conference). I had a great time, drinking cola from old fashioned glass cans and playing some of the old arcade and pinball games at the club. It was nice to meet some new devs and just hang out with a gang of old friends.

Bottom two photos are from yesterday’s release party for Mediocre’s brand new game “Does not Commute”. The guys had made these cool bumper stickers based on stuff from the game. There was live music, food and plenty of drinks. I felt a little bit shy that night, so found myself a spot in a corner and just kinda watcher everything, but in the end some of my friends took a seat next to me and I had a great time. I’m so happy to see the game is featured in the App Store and Google Play right now! Read some of the reviews earlier today, and so far people seem to absolutely love DnC : )