Crazy Fish

Had a very nice and quiet weekend, made long walks in Malmö and had some good food. Summer vacation is great!

My whiteboard drawing is evolving! Say "hi" to the octopus!

A walk in the posh hoods of Malmö!

Sushi salad!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Fish

  1. Anna


    Read about Malmo in your blog and wanted to go for summer vacation to Malmo with my 5 y/o daughter from Moscow. Do you think it would be a good idea or Malmo is too big to be optimal vacation place? Generally I wanted to go somewhere in Scania but didn’t find any good options outside the city. I also love culture life and am kind of attracted to Malmo in this way, although I have doubt that it would be more like a big city flavour than vacation place… If you have any thoughts or have anybody who knows more about vacation in Scandinavia please let me know!


    1. Saxen Post author

      Hi Anna!

      I would say Malmö is a very nice city to visit! We have a big beach in the middle of the town that anyone can use, called Ribban. If you like parks we have some very beautiful ones, and museums as well! It’s possible to take one of the many trains and go exploring the rest of Scania with Malmö as a “head quarters” where you return each night to sleep and eat. I would recommend you to visit Helsingborg with it’s old castle and beautiful beach!

      Malmö offers shopping, short distances all across the city, and Copenhagen is just 20 minutes away with the classic Tivoli and a big aquarium. I find Malmö to be a very safe and friendly city with a wide range of hotels and coffee shops. If you like animals I would recommend you to visit Folkets Park and it’s mini kangaroos and reptile center!

      Good luck with your travels!


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