I collected all art from the “Learning To Draw”-project in one place!

It took me four hours (because DeviantArt suck) to upload all the stuff I made for my project. Or, I din’t upload ALL, but nearly, just the most important stuff, which is around 70 photos. Just the fact that you can’t upload several photos at once, or direct them to particular albums without having them all end up in “gallery” first, is simply astonishing. How?! Why? How can a web site dedicated to displaying photos be so badly designed?!

Anyways: click the photo or this scentence to get to my DeviantArt page. Hopefully it will be easier to get some feedback in this comunity. I was haninging out there in 2009, but since the deisgn and interface was justa as bad back then I lost interest. Let’s see if I’ll manage to keep it up this time : P

Generally I’m thinking, if a web site is baldy done it’s not worthy of my time. The same goes for books and movies. Life is short, crap is forever.

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