Learning to Draw: Post #1

At the beginning of this week

At the end of this week.

This week’s been all about drawing for me. I’ve always created things and painted, but ever since my life got a bit more busy with working and stuff, I haven’t really had the time to draw like I did before University and Junebud.

Drawing is my hobby, and it’s one of the few ways for me to get into flow, to just forget about time and trying to improve my skills and express myself. I mainly draw to express ideas, feelings or design fantasy creatures. I don’t want to draw for a living, since I fear that would kill the fun of it, and put a lot of pressure on me.

So this week I decided to get back in the game again, and to really try to level my skills. I’m aiming for more dedication this time, and so far I’ve been drawing for about 3-5hours each day. I’m starting off with basic anatomy, and quick gesture drawing, and in a month or so I’ll try to tackle the digital bit again. Hopefully I will manage to keep this up, and I want to share my progress with you each week! I’m doing this for me, to fill the gap after I decided to hang out less on Facebook, 9gag, crappy fashion blogs and other stuff that just kills your time. I’m not aiming to be the best, but to see how far I can go. Wish me luck!

First digital drawing Algenpfleger posted in his online gallery at Diviantart, late 2007.

Posted less that one year later by Algenpfleger again. This guy has been working his ass, and it’s so inspiring. He decided he wanted to learn how to draw and paint properly, and then practiced every day until he reached his goal.

Refs for my images this week: Skeletal system, Posemaniac, Basic Anatomy and some extremely motivational inspiration!

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