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Photos borrowed from Ädelfors’ awesome blog.

Two weeks ago I visited Ädelfors’ school of game design! The school serves to prepare students for higher education like University. Ädelfors is special in the way that all the students attending this 1-2 year long education got some kind of neuropsychiatric diagnosis, like ADHD or Autism. The students were happy to have me there, and I hosted two lectures themed “9 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Went To Game Dev School” (title much shorter in Swedish!) and another one about all the different roles a game designer can have during a game project or at a game company.

I visited the same school earlier this year and gave two lectures about game data collection and community management, which was also very nice. I’m so happy they wanted me to come back, I love sharing my XP and what I’ve learned so far from this creative industry. I’m by no means a pro after 3,5 years of creating games at professional studios, but I do feel like I can help others who are still in school, about to start following their dreams. 

The students showed me their school projects and drawings, and just like last time I was very impressed and inspired by what they had created. There were a lot of interesting ideas and deep themes, not the usual “you are a bro that shoots other bros in the face with big guns”.

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    1. Saxen Post author

      Ha ha Arcade! We still need those games and you are doing an awesome job. It’s just that it makes me happy these students were experimenting with something different. I think the media need both brogames AND experimental arsty titles!


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