I Now Work At Tarsier Studios!


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I’ve now been working at Tarsier Studios for a little more than a month! The studio is located in central Malmö, and I absolutely love walking to the office from my apartment. It’s lovely to start the morning with a refreshing walk trough Malmö’s hipster blocks and the autumn colored trees. Only takes me about 5 minutes!

The studio is a middle sized company with something like 30 employees and a big, fancy office decorated with toys, bean bags, plants and so much fun details scatted all across. The place feels very creative. Even the bathrooms are filled with Space Invaders art and cut out characters from Little Big Planet! Tarsier is perhaps best known for their work on Little Big Planet PS Vita. This explains why the office is so full of LBP stuff.

I have started to feel at home, everyone’s very nice to me. I even got the opportunity to work with two alumni Junebuddies; Ola and Viktor! We get served breakfast each morning at the office, and every Friday we have this Super Awesome Friday Breakfast™ where we even get Nutella to put on our sandwiches. I’m super excited about this job, and if I wasn’t so NDA:ed I would tell you all about what I do all day long. I can’t really tell you any details or Sony would sue my ass into court, haha! The level of security is beyond anything I’ve experienced before. We even got like this special hard plastic container that’s nailed to the wall, strapped with locks and tilted in a way you can’t see what’s inside it. This is where we throw all secret documents. Every now and then a security company empties this container of secrets and burns the papers from it (or put them in acid to dissolve?). The security and NDA is over 9000!

So I’m basically hired as an associate producer, working with some highly skilled people. I do a lot of game design and project management right now, but hopefully I’ll do some metrics in the future. It feels good to work less with SQL and more with people and game design systems right now. I learned plenty about the technical side of game data at Paradox, which was very useful and needed, but now I’m concentrating on different stuff. I guess I’m pretty able to adopt and learn new skills when needed. Sometimes I fear that’s also one of my weaknesses, that I don’t specialize enough, but kinda jump all over the space of game development.

Anyways, gotta go, time to plan a lecture for next week. I’m invited (this year again!!) to give two lectures on a game development school here in Sweden. Really looking forward to it, gonna be so much fun!



Last two photos from Tarsier’s awesome blog!

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