Just Another Week At Work

Had a super after work yesterday. We went to a small pub near the office, took a few beers and shared stories. It was nice to see everyone again after the Easter vacations! Here’s some pictures from this week at the office!

Our poor office octopus hanging on the fridge

Wohoo! We got the cutest co-worker ever! She will stay with us for a couple of weeks :D

I just love these tea packages to much to throw them away when I’m done. They look so stylish!

After work fun on Friday xD


2 thoughts on “Just Another Week At Work

  1. Cinderela

    Eu também quardo embalagens vazias quando são bonitas e interessantes! Isso é valorizar o design! :)

    1. Mineia

      George G Posted on Why don’t you just call their customer secirve number and speak with a live agent and have them walk you right through it.


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