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I got an epiphany about layer masks in Photoshop yesterday when I helped my family find out and try new colors for their house. Feels good to finally know how they work. I knew about the CTRL click on layers, but this about layer masks…It changes everything! I played around today for a few minutes and just slapped on some colors to this drawing from Tuesday, trying stuff out with the masks and layer modes. Totally fun! Here’s my favorite suggestion for how my family should paint their house by the way. I don’t understand why they didn’t go for it?


On another note I found this artist lately who makes totally dope stuff; James Zapata. His stuff is both well rendered, excites my fantasy, tells a story and overall just totally blows my mind. I might not quite like his character design where the female characters seems to have forgotten their pants or have the typical boob window included in their armor. But anyways, check out some of his images:




All images are property of James Zapata. His gallery can be found over here. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Layer Masks

  1. Andreas

    Layer masks are an essential part of my workflow both in GIMP and PS. Nowadays there’s few situations where I don’t use them in some way.

  2. Saxen Post author

    Hey A! I think that I finally understand how they are supposed to work. Before I used them very rarely, but it really feels like I’m getting what digital artists are saying when they say that the masks are some of the most powerful tools you have in Photsohop/GIMP, that you are crazy if you don’t use them!



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