Learning to Draw: #28

Now when I’m done documenting the last work related info at Paradox, saying goodbye to everyone there, moving all my stuff from Stockholm to Malmö, packing it up again and have my work station ready, I can finally focus on my own project “Learning To Draw”! This is an ongoing project where I try to learn how to paint and draw for real. By that I mean really learn how to craft attractive images by plenty of practice, reading theory and watching tutorials. I’ve been doing this since August 2012, trying to draw or paint at least something every day, some days drawing for hours, other days not drawing at all due to some medical issues I’ve been trough these past 6 months.

I’ve been documenting all of it here, on my blog, under the tag “Learning To Draw”. So here’s the latest batch of stuff, newest on top, old crap on the bottom.


A forest. Not sure what happened to the light…I made a few different versions with a bulb of light in the middle, but I just couldn’t get the hang of where to place it.


Practicing more color and landscapes. I’m not that used to drawing landscapes & scenes, so I’m gonna do that more :]


Doodles from the past week. Aurgh D :


Space armors. Inspired by the awesome art blog http://medsketch.blogspot.se/ < 3


Trying to design a more functional super hero costume for this girl. I know the pose is kinda awkward…


Some random faces while trying to solve major lag problems with Photoshop. Turns out some of the brush settings makes it run super slow.


Practicing colors and lights. I love the art direction for DICE’s game “Mirrors Edge”, so I wanted to play around with cool, clear colors. Ref link here.


Major breakthrough! I realized it’s possible to mix big, soft brushes with small hard ones, and trying here to minimize the color palette used. Improvements!


Some late night painting. I got waaaay to much stuff going on in this picture, in a bad way. I should just pick a simple scene and a nice range of colors, and stick with it, not paint 1000 details and random colors. Lesson learned : <


May -13
Just some crap drawing while taking the train from Stockholm to Malmö, Aurgh, everything look so flat. Back to the drawing board, literally, hehe!


Just some random blergh. This is what I draw when I’m bored or stressed and can’t decide on what to draw. I really want to move away from this kind of stuff. Usually I only use them to warm up. When you are about to perform a complex activity such as exercising or drawing I’ve noticed that warming up is very important. When I go to the gym I need about 10 minutes on the treadmill before I feel ready to start lifting. When I draw, I need a couple of doodles or scribbles before I’m able to draw anything that kinda OK.


30 minutes, painting a nail polish that I’ve found on my desk. Mainly done to study light. It’s all about the light when painting or drawing. You can make lines that are totally whack, but if the light is realistic, the human brain kinda accept everything else about the picture, even starts filling out details on its own : O

My first week without a job as been a lot harder than I expected. I feel like I can’t really concentrate on anything. If I’m on the beach I want to go home so I can draw. When I’m in front of the computer I can’t concentrate because of the beautiful sun outside. It feels like I’m moving nowhere very fast. I guess it’s all bout creating my own routines and daily schedule? Decide what I should do, and then stick to it, not wasting time. Anyways, since it’s so hard to see your own progress I made a quick collage showing some of my real life object studies.

saracasen_real life objects

That’s it for now, time to catch a train to Stockholm, I’m about to see Justice perform live this weekend < 3

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