Learning To Draw: #29

I’m back from a week of traveling around Sweden, sleeping on my friend’s couches and visiting some awesome game companies in the city of Skövde! I saw Justice, Röyksopp, Prodigy and Pendulum live in Stockholm this weekend. Missed my first train on Friday, but since I don’t give a fuck I just bought a new ticket and grabbed the next train towards awesomeness! I walked across Stockholm 05 in the morning, I spent hours in coffee shops just drawing and listening to some inspiring TED talks. All in all it was a pleasant mini tour across Sweden, but it feels good to be home in Malmö again! More on that later, here’s the latest batch of images I’ve made.

I’ve also changed the links at the bottom of my “Learning To Draw” posts, since I don’t really use DeviantArt anymore (it’s usability sucks so hard I don’t want to hang out there. For now.) Instead added some links to my private Facebook albums featuring ALL the stuff I’ve made, so be sure to check them out if you want to get a better overview of my quest towards epic skills of drawing! Enjoy!


Failed tomato I made today LOL! I tried to paint some real life objects, but it just didn’t work  out for some reason. Sometimes I just can’t get stuff to look like it’s supposed to.


My tea pot! Everything in the image just looks too soft for some reason. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for painting!


Faces from imagination, painted outside while listening to the summer birds < 3


Spending hours in a coffee shop, drawing, thinking, walking in the sun and sleeping on the grass. Summer. Feels nice, but I’m doing a lot of thinking on my future, maybe too much even…


Drawing a lot of standing humans. I have a hard time learning how to place and draw feet. I never really seem to get that natural weight on the hips. However I think I’m heading in the right direction now.


Drawing on the train from Malmö to Stockholm. I spend a lot of time drawing faces right now, changing one detail with each face, to learn how to give them character. To understand what really makes up a human face. I want to do more live studies, since that’s the way I learn things that I’m able to incorporate into images later on, when I don’t have access to references.


More bodies!

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