Learning To Draw: #40


Some random doodles.


Partially made from reffs. Trying to put more feel into it.


Some late night painting. thinking about WHY do I paint.


Some random ancient ruin and crocked trees. I love trees…You can paint them i 1 million different ways < 3


Found a cool looking shoe with stuff growing out of it. Drew it and gave it to my family who frame it in 5 minutes haha!

Still no access to tablets or fancy stuff like Photoshop, so the sketchbook pages will have to do. I’ve been thinking a lot about WHY do I draw. Why do we do anything at all, we only live for a maximum of 100 years (if we are lucky). Then it’s all over. Forever. Sounds sad and depressing, but these thoughts kinda stuck in my head after the doctors scanned me for brain tumors earlier this year. And the fact that I turned 25 last month and have lived 1/4 of my life is not helping, haha. I think this is something everyone thinks about sometimes. I’ll just  keep on doing stuff like hanging out with my friends and see where this takes me. I feel like life is so short.

At night when I can’t sleep I lay away and think about the fact that most things in the universe are “dead”, they are not alive in the same way like you, me or a flying bird or a tree are “alive”. But we are all made up of the same things; atoms. So atoms in themselves are “dead”. However, after billions of years, a freak accident created life and now some of these “dead atoms” are inside mine and your brain, and suddenly they are “alive” and even understand they are atoms. You and me make the Universe aware of itself in a way. Dude….I’m not drunk, I’m just thinking out loud.

So why do anyone create anything when we are all gonna die? I guess it’s because we forget we are dying or that we don’t care. We do stuff that makes us feel like we have a purpose or makes us feel alive. For me that includes friends, music, swimming in the ocean etc. Or creating the perfect list of 90’s music on Spotify!

Sketchbook at ConceptArt.org

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One thought on “Learning To Draw: #40

  1. Kait

    THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING YESTERDAY. xD Haha. I think it’s these kinds of questions and ruminations that are kind of the reason for art and storytelling. We try to find meaning, understand our existence. And as you said, all of us do. It’s part of the human experience. Art allows us to connect with one another, whether to share hope, or confusion, or wonder. And yeah, that’s the point of it for me, I think, to connect in the short time we have.

    I like your trees sketch. Nice framing, you did there. (Just watched Matt Kohr’s video series on composition, so yeah, total newb at noticing this stuff.)


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