Learning To Draw: #41


Mooar faces! I shuffle the facial features around and play some. Experimenting to learn how different details make us all have an individual look. It’s fun and interesting!


Plenty of faces from imagination and some studies to the left. I try to figure out how to draw faces from the side, not only from the front. Now when I finally figured out how to construct faces from the front I tend to stick to that view, and also the people I draw look quite the same… The cure for this must be some studies of real life humans?


This is something I made on the ferry from Åland to Finland. I was inspired by my internet friend B0sskar’s works. It looks like we will do a creative collaboration. More on that later! I’m very excited about it!


Painting stuff, using a black colored pencil : )


Drawing in front of the TV, hanging out with ma sisters. Starting to feel like drawing is fun again!


Drawing a lot of faces and fish. I love them both, so why not combine them? When drawing this I tried to be a bit more relaxed, only draw what I felt like, what I wanted to. No studies, no pressure.

Is it already post #41? Time flies when you are having fun, as the Swedes say. It’s now almost a year since I started my drawing project, and next month I’m planning to write a retro-perspective about my project. To look back at what I’ve learned and what I’ve created. It’s been both fun and hard works so far. And some really rough times.

The last two weeks have been kinda difficult. I had a monster flu, and also I was home alone for like five days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not needy in any way, and I like being left alone a lot of the time, but last week EVERYONE I know went away. Not just my whole family (every single one of them left the country or the house), and all my friends traveled away or were busy at work. So I was kinda bored and after a while not even the Interwez can give you company. Facebook is only a temporary social distraction, but not the real deal heh.

Anyways, I think I found the joy in creating again, and that removes a huge stone of my chest. I found no joy whatsoever in drawing a while ago, and everything I did just felt forced or crappy. I guess that’s what happens if you only aim to “improve” and learn, not to express yourself and have fun along the way. It can’t only be a means to and end. I came to a point when I only felt anxiety and pressure when I put my pen to the paper. Not good.

So I think I managed to get past that challenge. You encounter various “bosses” while you are on a quest for things in life. One of them have been to learn how to paint skin in a good looking way, and this creative block is for sure another big “boss”. I’ve managed to get past the creative block by not drawing, by cutting myself some slack. Then slowly get back to it and only draw and doodle what I wanted to. No studies or marathon paintings, only fun stuff. Then only drawing when I felt like it, and bit buy bit I recovered. Sometimes you can’t solve a problem if you repeatedly bang your head against the wall. Sometimes you need to take a brake and do other stuff. Like hang out with friends or enjoy nature < 3 Now I only need to figure out how to paint human skin and I’ve beaten two big bosses on my quest…

Sketchbook at ConceptArt.org

Facebook Album Part 1

Facebook Album Part 2

Facebook Album Part 3


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