Learning To Draw: Post #10

Hi guys, I’m back with a new bunch of drawings and paintings! New things on top, old stuff at the bottom of the post, so just scroll away! Real life is once again taking very much of my energy, I try to draw every day, but right now I don’t have the time and energy (gotta focus on my job and working out to avoid back pains). Good news are that my wrist is finally fully recovered, so time to get back to plenty of analog drawing with pen & paper!


23th Nov. A few minutes each. Drawing free hand Halo inspired stuff on the train. The first Halo game means a lot to me. I could even say it’s one of the main reasons I got into computer game development first place.


18th Nov, 1 hour. Spooky guy. I had a concept of some kind of “friendly looking zombie” in my head. Paid a lot of attention on the teeth, but not so much on the eyes :/


Documented the steps when drawing this spooky guy. Usually I draw the concept first by hand, and then take a photo of it, open it up in Photoshop, and continue to draw on top of that sketch. This, however, is drawn digital all the way. I paint the picture in several steps, save it as a .jpg, and open it up again in PS, use curves to adjust colors and shades. I do that many times while working on the picture. Paint on top of that and continue towards details and finish off with highlights at the end. It’s important to start with dark colors and then work towards light colors, to “sculpt” with colors. Still trying to figure this shit out.


18th Nov, just some color sketches. Every night when I close my eyes to sleep I see a mix of colors together, some of them just so beautiful. Unfortunately I did not manage to paint any of the combos xD This was more like an experiment.


14th Nov, dragon, 1 hour. This was painted to make me relax, while listening to a documentary about homosexual animals, haha!


13th Nov. 2 hours. This space dude turned out better than expected, but when I was done, I was just so extremely tired. Learned plenty of stuff, but gosh, took me like two days to recover from this crunch.


13th Nov. Photo studies of human faces and its different parts. 30 min/each. Feels like making progress now when I found out how to adjust “pen pressure”  and “transparency” when using color!

OK, so I’ve been running this project for almost three months now. Never thought I would last this long when I started out in August, but I did. And somehow all this painting and drawing, studying and browsing art pages has changed the way I look at pretty much everything around me. I look at the faces of all the strangers at the subway, and I want to ask them if I can take their photo, because ALL human faces are just so beautiful. I simply can’t stop looking at faces. I make notes in my own head of how many different noses, eyes and lips there are, to remember them later on. Skin color, hands, eyebrows. I study human faces all the time, without thinking about it.

I look at how the city lights scatter across the surfaces of a lake when taking my midnight walks, and I try to make it a mental photograph, because I know I’m gonna benefit from studying how light works in all kinds of environments. I freeze time in my head when talking to my friends at a restaurant, trying to learn something from each frame, how the shadows falls on a face lit by living candles, what color a glass of water really have. How to composition of all elements in my sight could be improved or scaled if I painted the scene.

Got my copy of Loomis’s “Creative Illustration” this week. So far it’s good reading. Provides me with plenty of basic teachings I’ve completely missed ^^

I visit the library in town, and unconsciously try to broaden my own visual library, to pay attention to how the furniture is made, how the books are put on the shelves. It’s crazy. I don’t think about all this stuff, it’s just happening on its own. My subconscious is making notes, taking photos, saving design, studying faces on the bus. Remembering what colors hide in the fur of a dog walking past me on the street, on my way to the super market.

And when I close my eyes to sleep each night, just before I fall asleep, I see batches of colors next to each other. It’s like my brain is trying to sort out what colors go well with each other, even when I’m just trying to sleep, not thinking of creating or painting at all. I feel like I opened Pandora’s box three months ago, and now this drawing and painting thing is growing stronger each day, it’s almost as if it’s a living and breathing thing inside me, and all I can do is to feed it with opportunities to grow. I have no idea where this will end, or when I’ll lose interest, but until that I’ll just push it, grind and see what happens.

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