Learning To Draw: Post #11

I’m back with more stuff for my personal “Learning To Draw Project“. Had a small brake when going to Egypt past week, and the week before that I had no energy at all to draw due to plenty of work and some health issues (sorry for whine). This week I’m hopefully back on track, practicing drawing & painting. Been reading Andrew Loomi’s book “Creative Illustration” like mad during my vacation, and there’s been more epiphany than I can ever explain to you.

For the first time in my life I’m approaching drawing and painting in a conscious way. It’s like my eyes have opened up in a totally new way. Excuse the corny explanation, but I really feel like Harry Potter when he arrives to Hogwarts in the first book. To learn you posses a special ability, and you have no idea what to do with it, or in what direction to take it, and then someone shows up and open your eyes. I’ve made countless notes about shades, light, form, color, how to tell a story etc when reading Loomis. Things I’ve never even dared to approach before, or stuff I’ve never been conscious about. I feel like a total noob, but at the same time I guess it’s the only way to go. Enough chitchat, here’s the pictures:

photo (1)

3th Dec. Found a Halo 4 concept art piece on the web and got inspired (left). Some robot sketches, looks like I’m into a robot phase at the moment. Hopefully I get around to paint some of these in color!


Some snowy mountains. Approaching painting in a more conscious way, trying to draw thumbnails at first and sketch some roughs. But I fucked up since I didn’t think about the light. The light needs to have direction and purpose.


30th of Nov. A family of squids! I’ve always loved to draw marine life : D

photo (2)

26th Nov, some robot designs. Struggling to  produce at least some doodles when I don’t have any energy left when I get home at night. Better than nothing, right?

On a related note, here’s a really nice color/Photoshop layer tutorial I found on Autodestruct’s fantastic blog! Click on the photo to get the video : D


A really well done tutorial about Photoshop layers (frankly I still have no idea about what to do with 70% of them) and lighting. Picture drawn by Autodestruct and video by Anthony Jones.

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