Learning To Draw: Post #13

More practice and some inspiration!


Bell pepper from life study. Had one in the fridge, so why the hell not! My friend Sigge gave me some good advice on how to improve this image [here]. The background is pretty much fucked up…He is an artist working for Bloodline Champions. The first time we met he was sketching some warrior chick and everyone at the party got really impressed : 3


More bell pepper. Trying to really look at the color, not just assume what things are looking like. I’m thinking “if I spend more time looking at my computer screen an not at the bell paper I’m doing something wrong”. It helped! I try to remember, shadows are almost never black, and light is almost never white.


…FAIL…I’m only showing this to motivate myself to continue working on this project. It’s awful :X I need to learn how to paint human flesh….Used nice photo as ref [clicke here]. Sorry for violating your photo, aarontyree :/


Spent my whole weekend drawing. I really, really wanted to go out partying, but I kinda left my “bad company” back in Malmö and I can’t drink any alcohol until the doctor gives me a green card atm. Nevertheless I had a nice Friday night at a local pub with the producer gang of Paradox. We even came up with a new word for that angst so many game devs seem to feel about space, eternity and  how small we really are: “Space angst” (rymdångest).


3 & 4/1-13
Drawing from memory while riding the metro to work. I HATE the ads displayed in the metro, so this is a nice way to avoid looking at them and make the time go faster!


Trying to draw hands in Photoshop. Aiming for the more realistic look. It occurred to me this week: if you only draw from photos or study other people’s art, your won art will look “cartoony” or weird, because what you paint is an imitation, and it seems like the closer you are to the source (real life), the better the final painting will be. I just wish I had someone I could paint whenever I felt like it, a model. Drawing my sister in front of the TV this Christmas made huge progress. I think I need to start attending life-drawing sessions in Stockholm.

This week I only spent three days at work because of the winter holidays. Felt a bit strange to have such a lazy week, but it was a great opportunity to bond with the other few team members that showed up, mostly programmers. We went for lunch together each day, which was nice : D I got tons of stuff done when the office was almost empty o_o

I borrowed a book about the great Swedish painter Anders Zorn while in Finland, from my mum. My mother is a skilled painter, and I really hope I could get as good as her at painting faces and heads one day. I’ve been fascinated by Zorn’s art my whole life. I grew up with a replica of his painting “Sommarnöje” hanging in my room, spending my childhood trying to figure out if that was a photo or a painting…His pictures look more alive than any photo I’ve ever seen. Speaking of great artists, I found this amazing guy called Bao Pham at DeviantArt.

Plume_by_thienbao (1)

Image created by Bao Pham. This is just stunning. The colors, the composition, everything! And his whole online gallery is just filled to the top with other beautiful, scary images. Click [here] to watch for yourself!


Image by Bao Pham. I LOVE the use of colors, the sketchiness! I know I got a loooong way to go if I ever want to create anything like this. So inspiring!

I’m trying to paint and draw each day. My goal is to make everything I create just a tiny bit better than the thing I did yesterday. I feel that the day I fall into routine and always paint the same stuff because I’m getting good at it, is the day I should stop painting. I still don’t have any idea to paint stuff like cars or landscapes, but I will get there, eventually. I feel like there’s no time to waste. I know life i short and art is long, I hope I can be here long enough to push this madness far enough :]

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