Learning To Draw: Post #14

New week, more grind! I’m really looking forward to my new books about anatomy that should arrive any day now < 3 Right now I’m drawing and painting between 12-15 hours/week. I’ve started a Skype group with some of my skilled friends. We talk, paint and give feedback to each other, which is nice!


1 hour. Upon popular demand: a banana! (And some kind of strange onion) from real life.


1,5 hours. Generic sci-fi stuff…blergh….


1 hour. A small Fire Dragon, creature from imagination! : D


1 hour. Drawing something from imagination, experimenting with colors and having fun. Some days it seems like I’m too into the learning aspect, that I forget to have fun, and that’s a bad thing.


1 hour. Following a tutorial for painting human eyes. I never quite really seem to be able to make my eyes come to life :/


2,5 hours. Drawing stuff from imagination and a photo study of [this happy girl]. Still strugeling to draw human skin…=__=

Le girsl trio

2,5 hours. My friend Dolly helped me and sent me her own tutorial for painting skin, which helped me a lot! The girl to the left is painted from memory, and the girl to the right is a photo study of [this photo]. I painted a black and white study, then added color on top of that.


1,5 hours. Since I know humans and human skin is as far from my comfy zone I can get, I continue to draw them. It’s hard, and some days I almost feel like I’m not getting any better at all…

And now for some inspiration! Emanuel is currently studying in Skövde, at the same Uni where I went a few years ago. He is very skilled at painting self-portraits. The way he paints using big chunks of colors, making it look like oil, is amazing! He has a whole gallery filled with amazing self-portraits, and I’m sure he will go far if keeps it up!


Image by Emanuel Mårdsjö. Click [here] to view his DeviantArt gallery!

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