Learning to Draw: Post #17

Feels like I’m back at drawing after two weeks of less energy and some self-doubt. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, so here’s the last batch of stuffs. Most were made at the train this weekend.


Doodling eyes when I got home from work, to relax.


1,5 hours in Photoshop. Feels like I’m back at drawing with more motivation and energy!


On the train between Malmö and Stockholm. Drawing non-stop for 4,5 hours.


3/2-13 Draw it like you mean it!


Drawing poses from imagination, because anatomy is still frikking hard to do right.


On the train from Stockholm to Malmö during Friday. Had a very nice weekend in “Sweden’s Crime City #1” (Swedes believe Malmö to be a gangsta ghetto, but that’s really far from the truth lol. I love Malmö as a city <3)


1/2-13 Drawing on the train between Stockholm-Malmö. I just happen to get a seat next to a guy working at DICE. He was also drawing the whole trip. No ref.


1/2-13 Drawing on the train from Stockholm to Malmö. My mood at the time, hehe.


31/1 -13 Drawing my friend Henrik who works at Easy (another game company in Stockholm). I haven’t really drawn faces from IRL before, these two drawings are the very best of what I was able to produce during 1 hour at his office… If I can trick him into posing like 1/month maybe I could create a series of Henrik Frenshgirls and there could be visible progress 8D


30/1-13 Drawing when I can’t sleep.

The past two weeks I’ve really been struggling to organize my life in a way that makes me happy. I’m trying so hard to devote my attention and energy to my job, because I want to do it well. At the same time I find it very hard to maintain a pain free neck/back if I sit in front of the computer 8 hours (+1 hour lunch) each day. Then to go to the gym 1 hour each day to reduce the back/neck pains. I usually go during lunch, so this means I end up taking a lunch lasting 1,5 – 2 hours. Which means I need to stay longer at the office. Which means I can’t really make it back home in time to cook food and go shopping for food before the local market closes. I spend in average 10-12 hours away from home each day. And when I get home I’m completely exhausted and just want to eat cuz I’m starving.

So I make some food while in a coma like state, and try to draw for 1-2 hours before bed. Then I end up with more back/neck pains and I want to go for a walk, but after the gang-rape in my hoods I don’t feel so safe going for night walks on my own anymore…You get the picture. And then to squeeze cleaning, friends and family into that, especially when I’m traveling to Malmö/Finland/Göteborg almost each weekend.

Stuff I’ve done to clear up all this mess is to eat all my food out at restaurants. This way I don’t need to devote time and energy at cooking at home or bringing lunch boxes. I only have a package of milk and a bag of muesli at home for breakfast. But I still need to find a way to fit my life together. How do people with kids even handle all this?!

Inspiration time! A friend of mine, Johan Wahlbäck, is a very skilled 2D artist, working at Southend in Malmö atm. Prior to that he worked with Sanctum and Bloodline Champions. You should check his blog out [link here]! We went to the same game dev school in Skövde back in the days.


Image by Johan Wahlbäck.


Image by Johan Wahlbäck.

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