Learning To Draw: Post #19

Have not been drawing that much past week, plenty to do at work and my eyes are really fucked up again. I’m very sad and frustrated about my eye problems coming back, and even worse this time, despite my new glasses I got only two months ago. I have been trying not to sit in front of the computer at all when I don’t need to, but things are really bad. I’m sorry for all the negative energy, but I’m just very low right now…


Found some water colors laying around at home. Just testing them out, sorry for crap.


Having fun with my new marker in my way home from Malmö till Stockholm. Kinda hard to draw straight lines on the train hehe…


Past week at work while waiting for the SQL queries to search the database. I run over 300 of them á 15 sec each. Hard to find anything else to do for 15 sec hehe.


On my way back home after the weekend in Malmö.


It takes about 5,5 hours from Sholm to Malmö with the Veolia trains. Spending my time drawing.


Drawing on the train between Stockholm – Malmö. Got a new pen ♥


1,5 hours. Listening to a documentary about The Pirate Bay. More layers and masks and stuff in Photoshop. Baby steps.

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