Learning to Draw: Post #2

Skeletons and skulls, to understand the structure behind the human face

Practicing anatomy

More muscular dudes

A happy crocodile, painted with ref

Dragon without ref, to see what I learned from the crocodile

I still suck at drawing hands, back to practice!

Foots…are so incredibly hard to draw. Needs more practice!

I spent this week drawing, meeting interesting people and learning more about game analytics. Things are moving very fast right now, seems like new stuff is happening each day. But at the same time I start to feel a bit isolated. Realized I hadn’t been in the central city in about one week, when I rode my bike the other night. Strange how fast thing can change…

Anyway, been drawing a lot of 60 second poses from Posemaniacs.com, studying anatomy and drawing, drawing and drawing. Had the time to pay Stockholm a visit, and next week I’ll be back for the big Rovio-party. Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, are opening a new Stockholm office, and now they’re throwing a big party! I’m gonna name all these post about drawing “Learning to Draw”, so keep your eyes peeled on that tag if you want to follow the progress. Hopefully there will be progress.


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