Learning To Draw: Post #22

So I have the most intense flu I’ve head in months right now, just taking a walk to the store to buy some food is exhausting. I decided to stay in Malmö a bit longer because of this, and frankly, to be surrounded by people who take good care of you and make you food is exactly what I need right now. It makes me forget about the fear and my visit to the doctor later this week.

I’ve also been painting with acrylics these days. Found some laying around in my old apartment and decided to give it a go, it’s been ages since the last time. My eye has been behaving good so far, and only minor headaches, so that’s nice. It was super excting to really paint something again, to stick my fingers into the color and feel the brush working the paper. Drawing with a computer isn’t really my thing, I honestly prefer the feel of real texture, mixed colors and water. Here you go!

photo (2)

Might not really look like me, but I think I’m getting there, one step at a time. And it’s been so much fun painting this prolonged weekend. Sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea, relaxing and listening to documentaries.


The day I woke up with a mega flu. Hardly slept anything and my throat is super soar, all the way down to what I assume are my lungs(?). Got the idea while taking a shower, used my own face as ref for this.


Added some color to my first self-portrait. The photo of me dates back to 2011, so I might look a bit younger in this one.


Cosmonaut girl, based on a ref photo from the Interwebz.


Continued to paint upon the pencil drawing of this random dude. The basic facial features belong to some random dude in a mag at the train.


1 hour, 2 drawings of myself, based on photos from Facebook. I’ve always been a bit scared to draw people portraits, but whatever, time to leave the comfort zone already!

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