Learning To Draw: Post #24

Here’s the latest bunch of images! My eye has been totally fucked up, just trying to get trough the day with all the headaches and the dizziness is hard. On the 11th of April I get the final results from my magnet scan. A new pair of stronger glasses are needed as well. Anyhow, here’s the art:


30 min each. Since I don’t know anything about the use of color I decided to start doing thumb studies of environmental photos. Doing them of abandoned places found here: http://imgur.com/a/D9iDC/. I love places like these!


1 hour. Experimenting and trying to narrow down the amount of different colors I use, it usually gets way too messy.


1 hour. Using colors in a different way, trying to make big brush strokes. It’s so much fun painting in Photoshop again, but this week has been a living hell with my eye, dizziness and the headache. I just want it to me the 11th already so i get the results from my magnet scan ;__;


A few minutes. It really feels like I start to get a grip on human facial features. Now I only want to paint a ton of men, not only pretty girls, haha! How are you supposed to get the time to paint all there is to paint? Humans, animals, buildings, interiors, landscapes etc. And to tell an interesting story with each image, to know stuff about color, light, lines, form…Where to start…so much stuff to draw, so little time.


I made this picture in two versions. The right one is a bit too colorful imo. I think I overdid it a bit. Ah well…Steps below.


Painting on top of a previous drawing. Finally realized that the eyebrow is much closer to the socket than I actually presumed, explains a lot : O


31/3 & 1/4 -13
I spent my Easter in Finland, mostly in bed, sick with flu and with a fucked up eye. Collection of stuff I’ve drawn on the bus and back home.

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