Learning To Draw: Post #25


1,5 h. Had fun painting this deer human (?), playing with colors. I think I should focus on not scattering unnecessary visual details all over my paintings since it makes the picture lose focus, there’s just too much going on at the same time. Maybe I should make some thumbs before I start, to determine what the important key features are, and then stick to it?


Steps for creating the  deer-human-something.


Faces drawn on the train from Malmö to Stockholm. Had a ref for the old guy. My friend Niclas borrowed me a book called “Drawing – A Complete Guide” by Giovanni Civardi. Excited to read about some technique.


Painting some with acrylics while in Malmö. I just looove to sit at the kitchen table, drinking tea, listening to nature documentaries and paint late at night. Found the guy in some fashion mag.


Drawing on the train to Malmö from Stockholm. It’s shaky and very uncomfortable, but I’m doing my best.


Experimenting with shadows, and I like it!


A playful self-portrait. Really fun to make! I need to get myself a scanner, it’s hard to shoot proper pictures of the drawings I make, they look all distorted.


Miss Generic Bad-ass!


1,5 h. Some steps of how I created my very first standing pose ever. I’ve noticed I got a tendency to “burn” the colors in the picture, using levels and contrast too much at the end. Next step: figure out how to draw feet and shoes, it’s all a big mystery : O


1,5h. Some fanart of the X-Man Mystique. X-Men played an important role in shaping my childhood heroes <3


Collection of more stuff made during April. Drawn in note books and random places.


Doodles made this April.

So I managed to break the frustration from last week and get some shit done. Nothing is as good as I want it to be, and I still got a super long way to go, but at last I’m on my way! I’ve been doing this since the 29th of August, and I’m very happy I’ve managed to go on for so long, painting or drawing almost daily since then. Imagine if I had chosen to work out this much, what a fit body I would have, haha (just kidding)!

I’ve managed to continue to do something that makes me happy, that I feel is extremely rewarding and challenging, despite events like a poor health, moving to a new city, starting a new job, learning plenty at work and spending countless hours on trains back and forth. I know we can be whatever we want to be, and I’m very happy I was born with something that helps me appreciate the beauty in ordinary everyday items, it’s fun having a hobby. A project, to create something and see it grow. It may not always grow in the directions I want to, but at least it’s growing in baby steps.


Found some old crap from late 2011, haha what can I say, lol! I’m so embarrassed  And this was really a picture I put great effort into…

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