Learning To Draw: Post #3

Quick anatomy studies of full body. I need to work with giving the figures some weight around the hips and foots. I know I need this, but sometimes it’s boring and tiresome. Hopefully it will give something back! 12/9

Skulls, skulls and some more skulls. Borrowed a big anatomy book from the library yesterday. It’s kinda boring to draw all this anatomy, but I know I need it. 10/9

Painted from ref image, study of male anatomy, upper body. 10/9

Second attempt at drawing hands. For this post I’m posting the newest stuff at the top, and older pictures at the bottom. 9/9


Some kind of spider creature…I guess I got a bit carried away when studying hands ^^ 9/9

More Autodestruct.com faces. Really feel like I’m learning something. 9/9

Studying Autodestruct.com, in how to draw human faces in profile, with a cartoony touch. 9/9

First attempt at drawing hands for years…This is going to take some practice… 7/9

Some muscles studies of the arm. I’m discovering so many new muscles I never even knew I had o_o  4/9

So my quest continues, to learn  how to draw, and in the end to improve my ability to express my ideas and feelings with paper, pen and Wacom tablet. Since I’m coming up with new ideas pretty much as I go along, I decided to add date of when the drawings are made (day/month), and to order them in newest to oldest, in each post. I hope this will give a better understanding of what I’m doing, and it will be easier to track any progress. Last week I made my 100th 60 second speed drawing of naked humans (croquis)!

If you got any feedback or helpful resources, do not hesitate, leave a comment and share. As soon as conceptart.org is back live again (been offline around 10 days now due to maintenance), I’m going to start my own account and ask for feedback. To read old post about my drawing quest, click the tag “Learning to Draw”! Click here for awesome concept art at Autodestruct! 


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