Learning To Draw: Post #5

As usual I start with the newest stuff at the top!

More poses, 29/9. Most of them without ref, just playing around with the human body (did that sound wrong?)

More anatomy, and finally it feels like I’m getting hold of this. For some reason it helped me to study the anatomy of greyhounds. They are mammals just like humans, and have a very stylized body shape. 28/9

First two self-portraits ever : O I joined a group on FB where you post a portrait/day. 27/9

90 sec/pose. I still need lots of more anatomy practice! 27/9

Some birdies! From ref, took about 1,5 hours. 26/9 was a very productive day!

Due to some travels and stuff I haven’t got the time to draw that much the past week. Some random monsters 26/9

More hands! I loooove hands! 26/9

Found a stuffed bird at home, fun to draw! 23/6

The past week there’s been a lot of traveling and drawing. I’ve returned to Sweden after a week in Finland. Been drawing so much my wrist is actually hurting now…Getting back to Malmö proved not to be that easy at all. The ferry from Finland to Sweden was OK, even had a childhood friend of mine, Ia, as company.

But then there was something weird with the connecting buses, and when I finally made it to Stockholm I headed for Uppsala since I’ve promised to meet up with my sis there. The train arrived late, but the real problems began when I was heading back to Stockholm from Uppsala. The train completely broke down, and we even need some kind of “written permission” to continue down the tacks. (WTH, written permission?) I got a little nervous since my train from Stockholm bound to Malmö was leaving in one hour. All in all the trip lasted about one hour, so I missed my train, and even then next one after that.

Luckily I was stranded in Stockholm, not in Cairo or some other place far way from all my super friends. So I had an awful hamburger with my dear friend Simon and his lovely wife Sofia, instead of stressing about the situation. Great company can make any food taste good! Then I called my homie Henrik and asked him about that extra bed I had been borrowing last week. We spent the night at his place, he mixed some music and I shared my best tips for surviving a nuclear disaster.

Henrik’s DJ table and some swagged vodka.

The day after I got a new train ticket for Malmö, but realized my body had decided it didn’t want that lousy hamburger no more. So I spent the next 4,5 hour on the train to Malmö lying on the floor in #1 class, feeling really sick. But hey, it was #1 class, living the dream!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to starting my new job in Stockholm. It’s only two weeks left, and I miss having a job, collages and something important to do.

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