Learning To Draw: Post #9

Hi guys, it’s time for a new post about my personal project “Learning To Draw”. I started taking drawing seriously during the last days of August this year (yay, 2 months later and still going!). I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen, but for some reason I’ve always pushed drawing and painting to the back of my mind, thinking I don’t have time or I need to concentrate on more important things.

A collection of all the things I’ve posted on this project so far. I’m not posting it all since I think it would be very boring to look at…

I finally decided to do something about my drawing this summer. I started taking it seriously and have been drawing at least 1-4 hours (some days even 8-10 hours) almost every day since. I want to find out how far I can go. I want to find a way to express my feelings. So here’s the latest batch! Newest things at the top of the post, older at the bottom. To see all the posts, chose the tag “Learning To Draw” or click my links below the last picture.

This might not look like much, but I finally learned to get all the settings of my digital brush to work like they are supposed to (pressure sensitivity). They each took 30 min to make, and the design of the blue robot is from Guild Wars 2. I finally feel like I’m ready to start painting by “sculpting in color”, which has been one of my ambitions for so long! 8th Nov.

A bug. 1 hour. 6th Nov. I’ve always loved insects!

Generic outer space guy. A lot of my friends asked me if this picture features a giant penis, and no, it doesn’t. It’s just the way it looks…Sorry. 2 hours. 5th Nov.

A snowy deer. 35 minutes. 2nd Nov.

Fantasy creature. Calling this one “I’m Your Best Friend”. About 1 hour. 1st Nov.

Face study of manly man to learn the basics of human faces. 1,5 hours. 1st November.

First attempt to drawing more realistic looking anatomy in Photoshop, digitally. Need more practice, but since I don’t mind looking at half naked guys/girls I’m up for it! 1 hour. 31st October

Things I want to do this week is to: order my favorite book of Loomis on figure drawing, start drawing a daily self-portrait, learn more about color, and do some quick 60 sec anatomy sketches. Previous post on my “Learning To Draw” project here: 87654321

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