LTD 51: Uncanny Faces


Nothing too fancy this time, just a bunch of digi paintings and an old fancy handmade sketch on a paper from the hospital. I’m not sick or anything, just taking some cancer vaccines to ensure my future health, like a boss!

I’m totally sucked into painting skies, and even gave that old mountain landscape painting a go. Downloaded some new brushes and played around for a while. I know brushes don’t really make or brake the artist, but they do help a lot when painting some details, or when you want to get a very specific texture. Also, I’ve put two of my painting up for sale on a website, but wont’t really talk about it until I get my test print and have the chance to check out the quality first-hand :] Then l’ll be rich as fuck! Just kidding…

Spent whole night trying to get rid of some maleware that’s hijacked my browsers. Tried EVERYTHING by now. FML. Need to format the computer =__=

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