LTD 53: Character Of the Week Event!





I’m participating in the “character of the week” contest over at! The brief asks us to design a character that travels in time to make sure the evil, opposing group of scientists don’t get the chance to destroy the line of time. The brief said nothing about where the “time enforcer” might travel, but the game/movie is set in the future. So at first I was going to do something light and filled with bright colors, something a bit more light. But it looks like I ended up doing something a bit more dark. It’s still work in progress. Need to think of a nice pose for my badass heroine.

This week my artsy friend Kage gave me a call, and so we went to live croquis together! One and a half hour of drawing quick poses of this beautiful woman posing for us. I felt oh so rusty, haven’t drawn nudes in years, but man did it help my anatomy already. Hopefully me and Kage will be going there each Wednesday! I absolutely know I need to do this to develop further ^_^

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