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grayscale practice


Hey boys n’ girls! I don’t have that much fancy to show this time. I’m home with the flu and almost too tired and sick even to draw. Been experimenting with some new brushes (top). I mostly use just a few brushes, but it’s fun and exciting to experiment and find new ways to create cool looking images. Fancy brushes are like spices. They don’t cook the food for you, but they do spice it up, and a great dish with the wrong spices are just awful, if you get what I mean.

Also, I’ve set up a streaming channel if anyone wanna watch my painting or just hang out. You’ll find it HERE. So far I’m just derping around while streaming, afraid that people will find it boring ha ha! But a lot of my friends seem to appreciate the efforts, which makes me happy! Saving the videos for on-demand if someone wanna watch later.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I have a hard time dealing with perspective and contrast. To tackle this I’ve decided to make some gray-scale studies of photos. This means I choose photos and then make a study of the object. A “study” is when you take the time and study one particular thing and try to learn something specific from doing it. It’s not about copying the image, but to learn something. To crack down on your own weaknesses or broaden your visual library. I only use brushes with 100% opacity, no pen pressure and a simple palette consisting of 5-6 shades of gray to choose from. This forces me to first think about form and shape. To only see the form of the objects. Then to see what objects are the darkest in the image, what are mid-tones and what parts feature the lightest shades. I really need to think and concentrate while doing this, feels almost like solving math problems heh! Hopefully this will make me better contrast and shape. Gonna need plenty of practice. Downloaded this program called Rescue Time. It gives me niche chars showing what I spend my time on. Give it a try!

Some days it feels just like I never learn, only draw the same crappy doodles over and over again. Might be the flu that makes me grumpy. I don’t know. The site CTRL Paint wrote a nice blog post about this. How hard it is to master painting. It takes years and is very difficult. But I still love it.

2 thoughts on “LTD 55: Grayscale Practice & Streaming

  1. Ellen

    Hi! I am enjoying your blog because I am also doing a 365 day drawing project. I like your grayscale exercises and have done a few myself. Have you seen Ctrlpaint’s Grayscale to Color series?

    1. Saxen Post author

      Hey Ellen! Nice of you to leave a comment :D

      I have gained so much from browsing CTRL Paint. Purchased the video “brush economy” and it was really good! Recommend it to everyone who wants to learn how to paint digitally in a more “traditionally” looking way. I haven’t got the other videos (yet) but thinking of buying them. How about you?



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