LTD 56: Self-portrait





Yeah, latest batch of stuff I’ve done. Found the “mix brush” in CS6 and played around for a while, absolutely love it! Gonna save it for later and use it when I feel it has something to add, not just a gimmick. Did some redesign for my “character of the week” submission to ConcepArt’s event. Apparently a katana is not “a gadget”, so needed to invent a new time traveling device for my girl. Gonna see if I can find some time an participate in the next round of the CHOW event. The brief is very interesting and sparks a lot of imagination within me:

“For a thousand years Malagard, ruled Malbolge, the Sixth Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. She is a gruesome night hag, with large black feathery wings and a gaunt face, sporting a nearly toothless mouth that smells of the dead and decaying flesh of an animal. She has bruise-colored skin, covered in pimples and varicose veins, constantly seeped with foul blood. Despite her decrepit form, the Hag Countess is a very powerful.”

I learn a lot from participating in these events. It makes me push myself even more, and if I’m lucky someone more veteran is friendly enough to point out my flaws and weaknesses so I can work on them. Always harder to spot the things you suck at yourself….

Other than than I’ve been practicing more gray-scale and a selfie. I now use 100% opacity and 100% flow, and it seems to help a lot.

Catch you later, now it’s gym time!

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