Moving To Stockholm!

At Rovio’s party this Thursday, in Stockholm. Finnish game studio behind “Angry Birds” are opening a new office in Stockholm!

Saturday morning, and I’m tired as fu*k, waiting for the subway. Stayed at a friend’s place, and only got around 4 hours of sleep. We spent the night talking about game design, space and life in general. I appreciate these kinds of midnight discussions so much!

Outside Easy’s offices in Stockholm. My friend Henrik works as a game designer on Battlefield Heroes. He was kind enough to show me around!

Bathrooms at Easy’s office. That’s cool!

Had a lot of time to kill on Friday, so just walked around in the city. This handsome guy is selling fish and teaching some school kids about all the fish you can find in Swedish waters. Looks hipster to me. The artsy tattoos, the long hair, lumberjack beard and the expensive watch. I’m sure he owns a long board and updates his tumbler with Instagram photos? But what do I know…

So this week I was back in Stockholm for more. Attended the Rovio party on Thursday and met some new interesting people. Took the time to hang out with old friends, and had a lovely dinner with people from Mojang, Easy, Paradox and more on Friday. All in all I had some very difficult decisions to make about the future, but things are looking bright. So bright in fact I’m now searching for an apartment in Stockholm! I will be moving there next month, so if you know anyone who has place for rent, let me know (you can drop me an e-mail to sara.casen at gmail dot com).

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