My Birthday!

Mass Effect me drawn by David Palm!

Original me!

Celebrated my birthday this week! Can’t really tell you much except it was one of my best birthdays ever! Got this awesome hand painted portrait from my dear friend David. He made one Mass Effect themed and a plain one. I was so happy to get them, it really made my day!

Speaking of something more serious: the game studio behind “Prototype”, Radical Entertainment, is shutting down. Makes me sad, I really enjoyed Prototype 1 and was going to buy the newly released squeal. Haven’t really got around to do it yet since my 360 is kinda old and I know it could get RROD at any time. That + I don’t really want to spend my vacation indoors…

Sad news...

Had a quick lunch today while in Stockholm (yes, feels like I’m traveling 24/7 while on vacation). Met with Henrik who’s a game designer at Easy Studios. Back in the days he and some other game developers I knew at Uni worked at a mod called “Decadence“. It made me happy to hear he liked it at Easy now and learned plenty of new things. I was always sure the the gays & gals behind Decadence would get hired after Uni. They were all talented, friendly and motivated. Today they work at Paradox, Mojang and Starbreeze (to mention some of the places). Hopefully I will be able to catch up on more about what’s going on in Henriks life in July when I go back to Stockholm again!

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