It’s kind of funny when I think about it. I arrived to Malmö about 2 years ago (well next week it’s going to exactly 2 years since I moved from Skövde to Malmö), and now all my friends are moving to Malmö to work for different gaming companies. I was kind of lonely in the beginning, stranded in the suburb from hell and not knowing anyone. Feel like a settler or something. Here’s some pics from the housewarming I attended on Saturday! Great fun!

Red lipstick brings da partey!


My friend's girlfriend is traing pole dance on her spare time (as an exercice not for money lol). These are her awesome shoes. All the girls at the party had to try them on.


Haha, awesome ice cubes in the shape of guitars!


As I said, the party was hosted by a true gamer and his gamer girlfriend...They have like all the games ever made for Wii, PS and the Box.

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