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Just some random stuff I made at work during my tea breaks/lunch hours! By the way, I got a tumblr page now. You can find it here.

Nooo please I got family!

How it makes me feel when everyone else can drink coffee but my stomach can’t handle it!

Tea drinkers assemble!


3 thoughts on “Post It

  1. Andrea Haga

    Sara, have you ever tried organically-grown coffee? I had the same issue with my stomach even though I could drink regular coffee before. So at a health food store I bought some “guaranteed” 100% organically grown coffee and I could tolerate the beverage again!

  2. Cinderela

    Hahaha se te consola, meu marido não toma café, também por problemas no intestino, mas sempre toma chá, ele se chama Fábio.


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