Visiting Karlshamn to interview some game companies and a video game development school. Beautiful view!


Awesome statue in Karlshamn, outside the business incubators. Some people stopped to check if the girl was for real!


Visiting Stockholm, snapping this on my way to Göteborg on Sunday morning. I was super tired after singing karaoke until midnight. Only got four hours of sleep that night, but seeing all my friends and visiting King’s developer gathering was worth it.


Summer weather in Malmö today, hanging in the harbor after the weekly sketch jam, talking game development with some nice peeps.


The sun setting over Malmö’s west harbor. This is not far from were Junebud used to have it’s offices!

This weekend I visited Stockholm to do some business and meet with old friends. We celebrated a birthday and sang karaoke for four hours which was super fun. I really don’t have a good voice for singing, so I was kinda nervous, but after two beers and everyone else in the gang singing like fools I totally liked it! Had some time to catch up with University friends for a cup of coffee as well while in Stockholm.

Tomorrow is the start of the 11th Nordic Game Conference. Just like last year I will be working there, attending some lectures if I got the time. Looking forward to the event, it really gets you inspired about game development and serves as a perfect chance to meet new interesting people! Hope to snap some cool photos to show you later!

Also, I almost forgot! Here’s some photos from Ludum Dare in Sony’s offices a few weeks back. I was invited to give a talk about working with metrics guided game design. I might be in some of the photos!

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