dfvAlright, I’ve analyzed some about why the quick sketch of the car failed so hard. From what I can come to understand here are the core fails that I made:

1. I didn’t see the car as a 3D object. I somehow saw the image as just a 2D exercise about color and how the sky reflects in highly reflective materials like the hood of a car. I wasn’t fully aware of what I was trying to accomplish or learn by painting it. My hand was like “hey this is a 2D image, let’s learn about the color reflections“, while my (unconscious) brain was like “woah, woah there’s a lot of perspective on this 3D form, how are you gonna handle this?“. And so it ended up in a car-wreck.

2. Perspective. This is like my blind spot when it comes to art. I have no idea of how it works. So I’ve purchased some videos from CTRL Paint and started to read the book called “Perspective! For Comic Book Artists” that my friend Karrey borrowed me a while ago. I can”t beat around the bush forever and deny the fact that I don’t have any clue about how this shit works. Let’s hope I can level up my skills. sdcfsd On another note, I’ve shot some photos from here and there just to remember special color and lights. This one above is from Lanzarote, from my vacation two weeks ago. The light when the sun was setting was absolutely amazing, but my iPhone is just a tiny bit too crappy to capture the light in it’s full glory. All the stuff and small particles of Saharan sand floating in the air made the sunsets truly amazing. The light then bounced on the water and reflected the blue right back at the white houses facing the beach. I’m sorry my camera can’t do this justice, tried to snap some reference for painting later. Here’s another one that maybe captures the gradients of the sky reflecting on the white houses:



Damn, I just love sunsets and sunrises! They are so beautiful and magical. Everyone of them are unique. Some colorful silent explosions in the sky, others barely noticeable at all, lasting only a few moments and gone forever. I’ve noticed that different parts of the world actually experience different light and different sunsets. When I was living in Finland, out in the Baltic Sea, on the Åland Islands, the light was truly different from the light I experience here in Southern Sweden. The light on Lanzarote was different from the light in Sweden. I guess it comes down to the angle of degree the sun tilts towards Earth, if you are surrounded my sea or earth, time of the year and other stuff. It sometimes seems like the sky is “big” or “small” depending on your own geographical location. When I was living in Skövde, Sweden, the sky seemed much broader and higher, and here in Malmö the sky seems a tiny bit closer. I have no idea why? As a kid I always believed it to pretentious bullshit when artists spoke of “the light in France” or wherever. I was stupid enough to believe the sun must give the same light to everywhere on Earth, the only difference would be how much of it.

Here are some skies I’ve collected over the years:



Sunset over Skövde, Sweden, spring. Skövde had some of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. The sky was often clear of big clouds and the colors were often amazing. I love how a single star is visible, it’s such a nice contrast to the fuzzy pink clouds.



Sunset over Åland, Finland, late autumn. I like how it looks like the big, dark clouds are swallowing the last light. There’s plenty of green and yellow in this scene, almost no pink or clear blue. The water makes such a beautiful mirror. Sometimes when I’ve seen photos from Åland I have recognized them based on the light, before I knew it was shot on Åland.

Last one, a hot summer night here in Malmö, South of Sweden. Denmark is visible across the sea, the sky clear and the soft gradients absolutely beautiful!



Right now it’s early spring here in Malmö, and each night there’s an amazing light between 5 and 6 o’clock just when the sun sets. I have tried to capture it with my camera, but it’s very elusive and my IPhone just can’t keep up with the show. When the sun sets it’s this clear, perfect almost glowing blue, stars peeking trough and the air just feels so “clear”. Hard to describe, and it only lasts for a couple of minutes. Some nights I’ve run right up to the attic in my new house, just to have a chance to see the show. I found this small, small window in the roof in my storage space, big enough to offer a small, cropped view of the sunset. Haha, call me crazy, but it’s totally worth running up the stairs for : D

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